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How does Bug Spray Work

You may have similar questions as How Does Bug Spray Kill Bugs and How To Spray For Bugs,or you may also seek several useful information about When To Spray The Lawn For Bugs. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Bug Spray Ingredients,too. Read more as following:

Many bug sprays affect the respiratory system of insects and result in death by suffocation. Other sprays work by killing the insect via their digestion tract if they consume it.

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How does bug spray kill bugs?

Some bug spray contains an active ingredient called acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. It i…… More »

How to spray for bugs?

1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before use. Some bug sprays require that you wear a mask when using, while others are intended specifically for a certain type of insect or bug. Understand whether you need additional equipment and if you have… More »

When to spray the lawn for bugs?

Over the winter, many insects lie dormant in shrubs and trees, waiting for spring to emerge. To control these pests, spray your lawn, trees and shrubs between late February and early March before new green begins to grow. Use a dormant spray to contr… More »

What is in the bed bug spray?

Pronto contains the chemicals 3-Phenoxybenzyl-2, 2-Dimethyl-3, Cyclopropane Carboxylate (0.4%), and N-Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarbo. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the chemicals in Pronto are rated at a level 3, which means th… More »

How to dispose of bug spray?

1. Throw empty cans of bug spray, bug spray wipes or solid bug spray packaging into the trash can to be taken to the landfill. The cans of bug spray should not be burned or heated in any way. 2. Take partially filled or full cans of bug spray to your… More »

How to spray for bugs in the house?

1. Choose a bug spray that has been chemically formulated to kill the exact type of bug you are trying to exterminate. Not all bugs react to the same chemicals. They have different life cycles and die from specific chemical toxins. 2. Spray outside t… More »

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  1. Love,nature,fashion,beauty says:

    Why does the acetylcholinesterase inhibitor kill bugs in bug spray yet also helps Alzheimer’s patients? I have no idea and would like some help on this one, thank you!

  2. Belieber says:

    We recently bought a motorhome that had bug spray leaking out into one of the drawers. The drawers are covered in a sort of plastic, contact paper like coating. It obviously ate through that, but continues to eat through the rest of it. How do I clean it out so I can use the drawer?

  3. Calista says:

    I got bug spray on some vinyl siding. I’ve tried just about everything to get rid of it but it’s still there. Water, water and soap, rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, Pinesol…

    Any ideas as to what actually would take the stain off?

  4. Mstut243 says:

    We just bought this house a few months ago and it still has roaches and lots of spiders. My husband thinks that spraying bug spray will hurt the floor so we have only put out ‘traps’, which is not enough since we still have bugs. Any advice?

  5. Nathaniel says:

    My grandpa addicentally sprayed bug spray onto his Mouth. He has a swollen lip and some redness. What is going to happen next? How can we help him? Could this be the cause of the swollen lip?

  6. Manman11 says:

    I need a bug spray that is effective but completely natural and safe to use on my son (9 months)? Any suggestions for brands or home remedies?

  7. Seth says:

    I used bug spray (Bullfrog) and it got on my shirt. I washed it and there is still a spot where you can see I used bug spray. The shirt is blue, and it is a little darker where the bug spray was used. How can I get the bug spray stain off?

  8. Confused says:

    My horse does not like to be sprayed with bug spray, and will not stand still for me to do it.

  9. Bachman says:

    I bought some indoor/outdoor bug spray, since it’s that time again for ants to come indoors. And, was wondering what time of day is a good time to start using it? It doesn’t say on the bottle. Like morning, noon or night? Thanks.

  10. Deb says:

    I’m going camping this weekend and need to pick up some bug spray. What is safe and effective for a 20 month old.

  11. Ian says:

    I have one of the worst sunburns I’ve ever had in a while and I’m allergic to mosquitos. How to I put bug spray in when I need sunblock? Will it still work if I put it on under the sunblock? Or do I have to put it over? Thanks for all the answers in advance.

  12. Kay says:

    I sprayed too much bug spray in my kitchen to kill roaches and all that. Now my whole apartment is filled with that odor, and I think I actually got high off it. It’s been like 15 hrs, and I opened the windows as well as turned on the range hood that sucks the air, but the odor is still strong.

  13. Jamie says:

    ** Uhmmm,…. Bug Spray is Filipino Slang for Men’s Cologne, for those of you who don’t know.

    Well I did grow up in Honolulu.

  14. Anthony Gray says:


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