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How Often Should I Wash my Bedsheets

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Since our skin sheds dead skin cells and we loose natural skin oils on a daily basis, you should wash your bed sheets at least once a week.

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How often should bedsheets be washed?

Considerations. All people shed skin cells that dust mites feed on. So, even if your sheets appear clean, microscopic mites are likely taking up residence and reproducing on your bedding. Effects. Many people are allergic to dust mites, and they may… More »

How to wash bedsheets?

Video Transcript. Hi, my name is Sandy, and I’m with the Maids Home Services. I wanted to talk to you about how to wash your bedsheets, your bed linens. You would start with the color, of the linens,and if they are a color linen, you want to make sur… More »

How often should one wash their bedsheets?

You should wash your bed sheets at least once every other week. Use the hot…… More »

How Often Should I Wash my Bed Sheets?

I want my bed sheets when they are all crispy and when they smell nice. i think that once in a week you will have to wash your bed sheets. Lets keep it all clean and nice…. More »

How often should one wash bed sheets

Bed sheets are usually changed every week. But if you have allergies, it is better to change your sheets twice a week. The dead skins that we shed are food for bed mites which are bad for allergies. Soiled sheets should be washed more often, as well…. More »

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

Sheets should be washed every one to three months. This should be done for prevention of bed bugs primarily. Also its just good hygiene, you wouldn’t want to lie in a dirty bed after getting out of the shower…. More »

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  1. Ana B says:

    How often should I really scrub my tub, clean the toilet, wash the floors and disinfect kitchen counters and sinks and stuff? Also, how often should I wash my bedsheets? In the case that I’m really busy…what is the longest I can let these go??

  2. Raysu says:

    how often do i need to wash bedsheets etc

  3. Xavior-su says:

    how often do you wash your blanket? pillow case? bedsheet?

  4. Pink says:

    with normal use (meaning sleeping everyday & not soiling it in any way). i just ask b/c the washer/dryer in my unit is small so for me to clean my sheets, i would have to take it to a laundromat. i’m also concerned over-washing will lead to shrinkage & damage the fabric.

  5. Gimpy says:

    How often do you vacuum? Do the dishes? Dust? Wash your bedsheets? Clean the bathroom?

  6. Vh. says:

    I recently found out that you’re “supposed” to wash them at least once a week. That’s crazy! I only wash my sheets when I know they have something dirty on them, whether its been a week or 6 months I don’t even pay attention. Is that bad?!

  7. Vega The Spaniard says:

    Wash your bedsheets?
    Bathe your indoor dog?
    Run the dishwasher?
    Wash your bath towel?
    Shop for groceries?
    Shop for clothes?

  8. Ruth Juliana says:

    I wash mine every other week and I still feel like that isn’t enough. How often do you, honestly? I want to know if I am being a freak!

  9. Makayla says:

    Clean bedsheets?
    haha! Random question, I know! My sheets are clean, don’t worry! ;)

  10. Haider says:

    This is for the person that asked, “How often do gay people wash their bedsheets?”

    Uses washboard..wishy washy wishy washy…*mine smell squeaky clean* I wash mine at least once a week or depends on how much I use them.

  11. Felipe says:

    can you show me information on like bugs and bacteria that grows on up washed pillows and bedsheets? i’m trying to a write a paper persuaying people to wash them.

  12. Allyson C says:

    I change mine once a week,and more often if needed.

    what about you?

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