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How to Get Stains Out of Silk

You may have similar questions as How To Remove An Ink Stain On Silk and How To Remove Stains From Silk,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Clean Urine Stains On Silk. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Cleaning Silk Fabric,too. Read more as following:

Using Pepper, or even Cornstarch will help rid silk of stains, using a gentle brush, pour one of these onto the stain, and the brush gently, repeat as necessary until the stain is gone.

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How to remove an ink stain on silk?

1. Remove the garment. 2. Blot at the ink stain with blotting paper. Place a piece of the blotting paper on both sides of the stain and press lightly to absorb the ink stain. 3. Soak the garment in cold water for three to five minutes. 4. Place a pie… More »

How to remove stains from silk?

1. Remove any spilled material from silk immediately to prevent it from setting. Remove food or sauce by scraping it off with a clean knife. Blot liquids on silk with a clean cloth dampened with cold water. Treat remaining oil or grease spots by spri… More »

How to clean urine stains on silk?

1. Use a damp sponge dipped in water or club soda to rub the affected area with light, outward strokes. This process dilutes fresh urine stains. 2. Flush well with sufficient water and repeat the step if necessary. Allow to dry. 3. For older stains a… More »

How to clean stains from silk?

1. Fill a bucket with cold water and add 1/2 tsp. fine washables detergent. Begin your stain removal process by soaking your stained silk garment in the soapy solution for 15 minutes. Vigorously dunk the silk up and down in the bucket of water for tw… More »

Where does Silk Come from

Silk is the material produced by the silk worm to make it’s cocoon. The mulberry silk worm (that feeds off of mulberries) is used to make commercial silk. The silk material from the worm cocoons is taken and spun into silk thread for fabrics…. More »

How to remove an oil stain from a silk sofa?

1. Pour baking soda over the oil stain on your silk sofa upholstery. Cover the stain completely. Allow the baking soda to sit on the upholstery for 20 minutes to absorb oil and odor. 2. Remove the baking soda and absorbed oil with a hand vacuum. 3. M… More »

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  1. Ditzy says:

    I bought this cute little silk bag from a thrift store but it has set in stains. i have no idea what its from, it looks like grease or oily stuff though. so i don’t wanna ruin the silk. so is it possible to remove set in stains from silk? and if so, how?

  2. Mark Zuckerberg says:

    A customer came in and stained a silk blouse with liquid lip gloss with sparkles in it… does anyone know how to remove it?


  3. Angelica says:

    I put Shout sray on a grease stain on a silk blouse and the Shout left a stain on the silk.

  4. Gwyn says:

    I don’t want to stain the silk or ruin it in any way, I have wood glue would that be ok?

  5. Supernova says:

    It’s a white silk scarf. But it yellowed over time.

  6. Jennfer says:

    Help! My sister-in-law is getting married tomorrow, and her mother got baby oil stains on her silk skirt. They are dry. What can we do?

  7. Eduardo says:

    How do I get a butter
    stain out of silk drapes?

  8. Janette says:

    I noticed a stain on my silk top so I put some stain stick on it and rinsed it out, then I brought it to the dry cleaner but now I have these faint white marks on the top (which is royal blue). How would I get these marks out?

  9. Horselover says:

    Its a gorgeous purple dress with a stain from oily chips that little fingers wiped on it.I really need to remove it!

  10. Someone says:

    i have noticed that i have brown stains on my artificial plants in the aquarium,i have never come across this before,does anyone know what this could be and how do i get rid of it.

  11. Holly says:

    They have been there for quite some time. I got most of it out using a hand sanitizer gel and cold water, but there is still a dark stain. How can I remove this without damaging the fabric?

  12. Married With Children says:

    Red silk, vanilla ice cream. Dried before I noticed I had dribbled.

  13. Indiana Jones says:

    i got a butter stain on a silk decorative pillow.

    i tried dish detergent, what else can i try?

    i can’t exactly throw it in the washing machine, can i? it has beads on it and it’s my favourite. It’s so sad…

  14. Eddie says:

    I need to attach some veltro to some silk material.
    But I don’t want to glue it because it stains the silk and I know silk is a difficult to sew onto!

    Would wonderweb work? or are there any other ways I could do it? :)

  15. Tiffannie says:


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