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How to Remove Melted Plastic from Metal

You may have similar questions as How Do I Get Melted Plastic off My Stove Burner and How to Remove Melted Plastic from Oven Floor,or you may also seek several useful information about Are Fumes from Melted Plastic Poisonous. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Remove Melted Plastic from Oven,too. Read more as following:

To remove melted plastic from metal put it in the freezer. The plastic will become hard and brittle and pop right off. Use a putty knife to help scrape or pry it off if necessary.

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How do i get melted plastic off my stove burner?

You can scrape the plastic off and then use a damp moist cloth to wip…… More »

How to remove melted plastic from the oven floor?

1. Heat the oven to its lowest setting until the plastic is pliable. 2. Put on oven mitts or rubber gloves to protect your hands from being burned. 3. Use a heat-resistant spoon to lift the bottom heating rack up off the floor of the oven. 4. Scrape… More »

Can i get poisoned from melted plastic fumes?

You should open the window. One exposure to the smoke will do you no harm other than maybe a cracking headache and maybe some nausea/ vomiting. You wont die from it though unless you directly inhale the fumes. Unless the fumes are in sufficient quant… More »

How to remove melting plastic from a metal surface?

1. Remove warm plastic by scraping gently with a plastic paint scraper or wooden spatula. Don’t use metal tools, which can scratch the surface. 2. Dab nail polish remover on a soft cloth and wipe the plastic. The acetone in the polish remover breaks… More »

How to remove melted plastic from metal or glass?

1. Allow the area of melted plastic to cool completely. If the metal or glass surface is part of an oven or toaster oven, make sure that the heating element is turned off and the entire appliance has completely cooled before proceeding. Melted plasti… More »

How do you remove melted plastic from metal?

What is arguably the best way to remove melted plastic from metal is by mechanical means. Scraping it off is almost always best. Any smooth metal surface will respond to a carefully applied razor blade scraper. Be careful to use a "low angle of attac… More »

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  1. Crayola says:

    I left the cap of the margarine container on the stove, and I managed to remove the melted plastic, but now there is ink on the stove. How do i remove the ink??

  2. Lullaby9 says:

    I have some melted plastic from a wire nut on the inlet of a brass valve and the plastic is just to hard to remove by hand. What chemical can I use to eat away at this plastic but leave the metal fully intact?
    Plastic is low density polyethylene

  3. Athalia says:

    Sunbeam bread bag got melted onto the side of a toaster oven.

  4. Peter Pan says:

    metal melts, glass melts, plastic melts but why does it not turn to ash?
    paper, wood, and clothing burn to ashes but why does it not melt?

  5. Aslfuh says:

    So my dumbass forgot to empty my pockets before putting my pants in the dryer and I had a plastic wrapper in my pocket and now it melted onto the drum of the dryer and I can’t peel it off any home remedies to remove it ?

  6. Caleb says:

    I have a Breckwell Big E Pellet stove. While loading pellets, one of the bags touched the hot side of the stove and instantly mealted to it. what’s the best way to get this plastic off?
    I can’t remelt it, it’s baked on, like not a liquid at all.

  7. Gemma says:

    I accidentally dropped a plastic Tupperware container on a hot electric stove top burner.The plastic melted instantly and is now stuck – molded onto the black metal grate. I’ve tried scraping it off, to no avail. Ideas anyone?

  8. Barbara says:

    I burned plastic things in my bath tub and it looks terrible, how do i remove it, no, i dont ahve cream of tartar and i am only 12 years old, dont want my parents 2 see/

  9. Angela says:

    I have to clean it up before my dad wakes up and finds out. I don’t have a razor on me.

  10. Co0k!3_sage says:

    Or is there a way to get the hard melted plastic off the bottom of my gas oven? We can smell it strongly when we turn it on. I’m thinking it is probably quite unhealthy.

  11. Princess357_elaine says:

    We washed and dried our dog’s bed today and it was not the first time but this time it got a little to hot. It opened up and some of the stuffing melted and is now stuck on the metal piece that is inside the dryer in the back. Does any one know how to remove the stuffing?

  12. Sandor says:

    I made a silly mistake and heated up my oven forgetting there was a plastic container in there and it melted and got everywhere, I cleaned most of it up with only a few flakes on the bottom of the oven but the oven still smokes a lot, what’s the best way to get rid of the leftover residue?

  13. Mallory says:

    As opposed to a metal one? Vinegar, limescale remover?

  14. Harley says:

    I set a plate with plastic wrap down on our stove and didn’t see that the stove was still hot. :( Anyone know how to get it off??

  15. Bacchus says:

    I all ready ask this but it really didnt help

    What can i buy from a local store something to remove the paint of the plastic warhammer models

    also metal ones if you know

    i whant something i can buy somewhere like wall mart or target

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