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Is Aluminum in Deodorant Harmful

You may have such questions as Is Deodorant Bad for You and Does Deodorant Cause Cancer,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Invented Deodorant. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Aluminum Danger in Deodorant,too. Read more as following:

Aluminum deodorant is harmful to many people. It has been known to cause many diseases such as breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, kidney problems as well as some forms of bone disorders.

Is deodorant bad for you?

Some people say that antiperspirants are bad because they block pores with aluminum salts an...... More »

Does deodorant cause cancer?

No, this is a myth. Check out the Canadian cancer society website (or whichever country's cancer website you want). It should be on there.... More »

Who invented deodorant?

Deodorant as we know it today started with the original formulation for Mum deodorant that was invented in 1888, by an unknown inventor from Philadelphia. Generally recognized as being the first ever product to prevent odor, the inventor promptly tra... More »

What Deodorants do Not Contain Aluminum?

You can find several brands of deodorant that do not contain any aluminum. One of the best smelling ones that I have found is called Adidas Ice Wave. Another is Tom's of Maine.... More »


  1. Hannah? Reply:

    like a deodorant stick or spray can that is safe and contains no harmful chemicals(aluminum) for a 11 year old boy??
    sorry, for the title i meant is there any good deodorant for a boy?

  2. Galaxxii Reply:

    I know that deodorant is not good for you, so the alternative would be using baking soda. It was fine until about 5 hours after and it burnt and have me a red rash. What else can I use as natural deodorant?

  3. I Luv Horses Reply:

    also which product sell them and which is best?

  4. Brandon York Reply:

    I need to get my rid of my dark underarms QUICK. Any tips?

  5. Mr.d Reply:

    I have to know because I’m using it. I don’t like natural deodorant because you can smell bad faster. I’ll change if you want me too.

  6. Jepic Reply:
  7. Lucas Reply:

    I use the stone but its just not strong enough! My mom won’t let me use ones that cause cancer.

  8. Tom Reply:

    uh, Alexis…ask for a prescription? The whole point is to use something SAFER and more natural. Why would I be interested in using something that’s apparently unsafe enough that you can’t buy it OTC?

  9. Rib Toaster Reply:

    I know that aluminum CAN couse breast cancer so you don’t have to tell me that it doesn’t. If you know a brand could you please please please give me the brand. I am so anxious and desperate for someting to stop sweating.
    I have tried toms, it’s just a deoderant not a antiperspirant.

  10. Alli Reply:

    i want natural aluminum free deodorants that are 100% pure and toxic free and which has no harmful aluminium deodorant’s….

  11. Sofia Reply:

    Where else besides deodorant can we find aluminum?

  12. Reberocks Reply:

    I already know its bad for you, but could it possibly be closing the sweat ducts in my armpits, thus increasing sweating in my hands and other places?

  13. Funny Reply:

    My sister is looking for a new brand. After a big scare with my mother having breast cancer we’re getting rid of anything that will be cancerous.

    My sister deals with perspiration a lot. What’s one that will work and doesn’t have harmful ingredients? Tom’s brand didn’t work.

  14. Serialized Reply:

    I recently purchased a brand that is aluminum free and have heard that aluminum is linked to Alzheimers.

  15. Aniket Mankar Reply:

    Drysol is for people with have perspiration under their armpits. The bottle says 20% aluminum chloride, but is there aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex in it? If so, how much?

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