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What is Cashmere

You may have similar questions as What Animal Does Cashmere Come from and What Is Cashmere Made of,or you may also seek several useful information about What Is Cashmere. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Cashmere Sweaters,too. Read more as following:

Cashmere is a type of material used for expensive sweaters and other types of clothing. Cashmere is the fine hairs found on the underside of a goat.

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What Animal does Cashmere Come from?

Cashmere comes from Mongolian goats. Pure cashmere is expensive and often imitated. It is worth it to be certain you purchase pure cashmere. … More »

What is Cashmere Made of

Although Cashmere is considered a luxury wool, it has very unglamorous makings. Cashmere is made from the down of a Kashmir goat. Organic Cashmere can be found in shades white, grey, or brown…. More »

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is wool taken from the Kashmir goats which are raised in Mongolia. Cashmere wool is silky, lightweight, extremely expensive wool…. More »

What is Cashmere Made Out of?

Cashmere is spun from the hair of a goat. The goats used in cashmere are from the Kashmir region of Pakistan and India. Cashmere is expensive, but it is so soft, many people think it is worth it…. More »

What Animal Produces Cashmere?

Cashmere is produced from the wool of a cashmere goat. Most goats produce this type of wool and is very popular because of how soft the wool is…. More »

How is Cashmere Made?

Cashmere comes from the Cashmere domestic goat. It can be clipped or combed out of the goat. The wool is then spun into cashmere threads, which are woven into garments. For more information, look here: … More »

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  1. Confused says:

    I have bought a medium cashmere tunic in a very fine knit but it is a little too big. If I wash it using a cashmere washing agent in cold water will the wool tighten?

    If I cannot shrink it very slightly I will have to send it back!

  2. Jessi says:

    My cashmere/wool sweater shrunk. Is there a technique I can use to un-shrink it without actually pulling on it? If not, is there something the dry-cleaners could do?

  3. Gimpy says:

    I just bought a cashmere sweater and jacket from Banana Republic, and I need to know how to go about washing and drying it because I think I ruined my last one.. Its not as soft.

  4. Tony L says:

    I wear cashmere sweaters to school every day. I am in eighth grade. I usually wear a button down shirt under them and sometimes a sport coat over them. What looks like lint gets all over my shirts and pants sometimes. how do I keep them from doing this?

  5. Poopinginthebathtub Iscool says:

    I’ve never owned a cashmere sweater before (or a cashmere anything, if you can believe that). I received 2 of them as gifts over the holidays, and I LOVE them! I know that they are hand wash only, but what are your tips and/or secrets to cashmere care?


  6. Axesmellsgr8 says:

    I have a 100% cashmere sweater and I want to shrink it to a smalle rsize. I dropped it dry to the the dryer (high heat) to try to shrink it, but to no avail. Please help.

  7. Sweetie says:

    For Christmas, I have asked my boyfriend for some cashmere gloves. He has already told me that’s what he wants to get me. However, being the guy that he is, he doesn’t know where to get them. Any suggestions on where he should go or what brand he should buy. Thanks!

  8. Isha says:

    Is cashmere supposed to be soft and breathable material that you can wear all season?
    I have a black long-sleeves cashmere V-neck sweater. I usually wear it with a tee underneath and dark washed jeans and converse shoes.
    Is that a good look? What are some style i can put with the cashmere sweater?

  9. Justin Mendoza says:

    To stop piling, mouthing, etc. on either jersey stich or cable cashmere. I have a bunch and want to make sure they stay in good shape. Right now I have all of mine wrapped in tissue paper and nicely folded.

  10. May says:

    I have heard that fibers like cashmere or angora can be rinsed with a hair conditioner because they are hair themselves.
    Has anyone ever done this?

  11. Axesmellsgr8 says:

    Is cashmere more expensive than wool? If so how much difference is there between prices?

  12. Cool Story says:

    aside from the fact that scarves come from different brand names, why do cashmere scarves such as Merona Cashmere scarves cheaper than that of other brands by 2x or 3x, when both are 100% cashmere? could it be the quality of the cashmere?

  13. Carmen says:

    I went out looking for some slacks and asked for wool, the lady kept showing me cashmere (or cashmere wool). What is the difference between the two?

  14. Yasmeen says:

    I have a pair of cashmere socks I got as a gift.

  15. Ruben Estrada says:

    Accidentally put my arm on a piece of bubble gum and it got onto my cashmere sweater and I still can’t get it out.

  16. Aliska says:

    My mother-in-law to be gave me 400 yards of dark brown cashmere yarn (4 ply). Can I knit one, maybe two scarves with it? And is there a special way to knit with cashmere. I’ve never done it before.

  17. Brian Dejesus says:

    This sweater has lots of little holes in it from moths. It is a plain flat cashmere sweater. Can it be salvaged?

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