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How Much does a Tomato Weigh

You may have similar questions as How Many Tomatoes Make a Pound and What Makes a Tomato a Fruit,or you may also seek several useful information about What Does One Tomato Weigh. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Price of Tomatoes,too. Read more as following:

Well the weight of a tomato really all depends on the tomato itself. For example, the cherry tomatoes are very small so they will not weigh that much. Most likely it will weigh less than a pound but other tomatoes could be heavier.

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How many tomatoes make 1 pound?

it depends on how heavy the tomatoes you are using are, so no one can say. sorry, there’s no answer to this question…. More »

What Makes a Tomato a Fruit?

A fruit is classified a fruit because of its seeds. Any thing that has a seed is a fruit. Tomatoes have seeds so they are actually a fruit not a vegetable…. More »

What does one tomato weigh?

Depends,on its size…. More »

How Many Tomatoes Equal A Quart?

How big are the tomatoes? I have had sweet 1000 cherry tomatoes that would have taken about 1000 of them to fill a quart, I have also had Beefsteak tomatoes that would only take one and would hardly fit in the quart jar. Anonymous… More »

Is a tomato a fruit?

anything with seeds is a fruit…. More »

How much does a tomatoes weigh?


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  1. Leec says:

    Sometimes my sliced tomatoes weigh my salad down and makes it too soggy, how can I prevent that from happening?

  2. Brandon Bukre says:

    Also, how much does a red pepper/capsicum weigh in grams?

  3. Kimberly says:

    I weigh 154 and want to go down to 102. How many calories should I have on a daily intake?

  4. Christina says:

    How heavy are 8 plum tomatoes in grams?
    I can’t weigh them, it’s for my last minute coursework thing. Manufacturing specification and all that.

  5. Carolyn says:

    Last year, I planted Early Girls. I got a lot of tomatoes but they didn’t have that good of a flavor. This year, I planted Big Boys and I’m still waiting for them to turn red and it’s the end of July. So I don’t know how they taste yet.
    What are your favorite eating tomatoes?

  6. Relem says:

    My husband has been using the canned tomatoes to make salsa now he wants to use fresh tomatoes instead of the canned. How would he know how many tomatoes. (He uses 4 cans)

    THANK YOU!! :)

  7. Midday Delusion says:

    Recipe calls for 5 large beefsteak tomatoes but would like to use canned tomatoes or plum tomatoes.

  8. Ditzyritz says:

    I’m 19, male and weigh 20 stone. I’m looking to loose weight, I work most of the time so exercising I cannot do, I heard you can loose weight just by doing a diet though. How many calories will I need to intake a day to loose weight just by dieting no exercising?

  9. Smirdy_smird says:


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