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What Vegetables Contain Protein

You may have such questions as Which Vegetables Contain Protein and What Vegetables Contain High Protein,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Vegetables Are High In Protein. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Fruits Vegetables Which Contain Protein,too. Read more as following:

Some vegetables that contain protein are chick peas, lentils, corn, avocados, mushrooms, beans, asparagus, broccoli, aubergine, and spinach.

Which vegetables contain protein?

All vegetables contain some protein. Vegetables vary considerably in their protein content. You can find websites with nutritional tables and calculators such as: ... More »

What vegetables contain high protein?

Beans of all kinds, lentils, asparagus, broccoli, seaweeds; variety is important and quantity. You should always eat more veggies, fruits and grains than anything else. High Protein is not healthier by the way. Too much protein depletes the body of c... More »

What Vegetables are High in Protein?

High protein vegetables include beans, nuts, and seeds. Black beans (15gms), soybeans (29 gms), peas (9 gms), spinach (5 gms), and broccoli (4 gms) are some examples of protein rich veggies. ... More »

What Foods Contain Protein?

Meat, dairy, soy, and legumes are the greatest sources of protein. However, most foods contain some amount of protein, though it could be a very tiny portion. ... More »

How to get protein in vegetables?

How to Get Protein in Vegetables. Humans need protein to survive and stay healthy. And, while meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products are protein-rich, many people limit the amount of meat they eat or have eliminated meat from their diets entire... More »

How much protein is in vegetables?

High Protein. At 36.1%, asparagus has one of the highest protein contents in plants. Low Protein. Cooked carrots only have a protein content of 6.46%, but a peeled cucumber has a meager content of .65%. In Between. Most vegetables fall in between, su... More »


  1. Cowboy Jacob Reply:

    Does anyone know of a side dish that contains lots of protein? I know vegetables but what kinds… and any more variety?

  2. Lolzy Reply:

    I am 17 years old and have been on a vegetarian diet for 7 months now and i have been wondering what is better for the body, animal or vegetable protein?

  3. Joanna Reply:

    I heard fish is very good for you as it contains protein and is high on omega3 whatever that is but it sounds like sumthing healthy… anyways… what about the batter? when fish are in batter, does that make it unhealthy?

  4. Fishingman5267 Reply:

    I am 15 years old, I know I need protein with exercise to build muscle. What are the best protein sources, give me names of vegetables/fruits, or shakes, or products that I should buy.

  5. Lola Reply:

    I don’t really like eating many fruits or especially vegetables, so the ones that I do eat I’d like to know are best for me.

    So if someone could list some of the most healthy fruits/vegetables and some of the ones that aren’t very health beneficial, that would be of great help to me! Thanks!

  6. Chayee Reply:

    what are the vegetables n fruits that contain much raw protein..

  7. Sky Reply:

    I was just wondering what do you guys eat on a daily basis? What is your favorite vegan/vegetarian dish? Where do you get your protein from, considering meat contains protein? I’m just merely curious about eating habits that differ from mine. Thanks!

  8. Celeste Reply:

    I’ve started to see hydrolised veg protein in some of my stocks. I stopped using others when they were using hydrogenated fats. I have a feeling that they may be as bad as each other?

  9. Jana Matsuda Reply:

    I was wondering roughly how many calories in a plateful of vegetables containing one serving spoon size of peas, carrots. 5 heads of brocolli and 5 new potatoes?
    I ate loads of beans today and some CAKE with a CUSTARD, so think i have gotten enough fat for one day

  10. Erik Reply:

    I’m looking for foods that contain rice protein. I know that when you cook vegetables to a certain point they lose their nutritious value, does the same apply to these crunchy bits of heaven?

  11. Cocomintypaste Reply:

    I was just wondering how vegetarians get protein when they don’t get meat. Are there are foods that contain protein? Would protein shakes be enough protein?

  12. Alka Reply:

    i intend to increase my body weigt and I am advised to increase intake of food containing protein.

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