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Why do I Crave Argo Starch

You may have such questions as Why Do I Crave Salt and Where Can I Purchase Argo Laundry Starch,or you may also seek several helpful information about Is Cornstarch Bad for You. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Jaimee Foxworth AKA Crave,too. Read more as following:

Often when the body is craving a food whether it is good or bad for them it is because their body is lacking a nutrient or supplement in that food.

Why do I Crave Salt?

If you crave salt, your body is probably trying to tell you something. It may be adrenal exhaustion. Sometimes when people live busy lives, and if this is you, see a dr. You can also be low on salt, and get it best from sea salt, not table salts. Loo... More »

Where can i purchase argo laundry starch in the blue box?

Thanks for the feedback received thus far! After more than a year of passively looking for the blue Argo starch, I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer sold. Therefore, no more responses are needed for this question!... More »

Is cornstarch bad for you?

There's no proof that GMOs (in corn starch) are a risky thing to eat, health-wise, but you ...... More »


  1. Thi Reply:
  2. Gery Reply:

    i have been consuming large amounts of ARGO LAUNDRY (CORN)STARCH….

    what is the side affects?

    how do i control this addiction!

  3. Gigi Reply:

    my pregnant friend has cravings for red dirt and toilet tissue and the tissue paper that comes out of shoes,also starch called ARGO known as laundry detergent is this harmful to her and the baby??Is it digestable??

  4. Jeremy Reply:

    mine is cornstarch. i love the taste of it. i remember as a child eating the blue and white box of argo laudry starch and now i love the taste of argo food cornstarch. am i the only one.

    please star me.
    i meant to type FOOD not fodd sorry
    i’m not pregnant i just like the taste of it.

  5. Piper Reply:

    i’ve been craving these flavors for a couple of months now and no matter what restaurant i go to, it’s just not what i’ve been wanting. i hope it’s great! thanks!!

  6. Peter Reply:

    My mom used to eat it so i became curious and started eating it too. Is that normal? I don’t even know what corn starch is used for. lol
    Also can it be dangerous?
    Yes thats what i was talking about. Cornstarch.

  7. Susan Reply:
  8. Cetacea Reply:

    I was in family studies a couple years ago.. and we made this really good lemon pudding, it was the box lemon pie stuff, with meringue mixed together but I can’t remember how many eggs I should use for the box or how much sugar or anything,

    Anyone know how to do it ?! I’m craving it like crazyy !

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