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What is Platinum Made of

You may have similar questions as Where Does Platinum Come from and What Is Platinum Used for,or you may also seek several useful information about What Is Platinum Made Of. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Platinum Jewelry,too. Read more as following:

Platinum is made out of the ores of some nickle and copper. It is not an alloy, so there are no other metals mixed in with it. Platinum is considered to be even more rare than gold.

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Where does platinum come from?

Platinum is found in very few areas on the earth. It is in the earth and is part of an>Most of the mined platinum comes from North America, Canada, and Africa. … More »

What is Platinum Used for?

Platinum is most commonly used in making jewelry. Some more practical uses for this versatile metal are in electronics, glass, spark plugs, and fuel cells. … More »

What is platinum made out of?

Platinum is not "made" out of anything, the way bronze or steel are made out of stuff. Platinum is an element, not an alloy. That means you can break platinum down to single atoms, and it is still platinum. It is not created out of molecules (which a… More »

Where is Platinum Found?

Platinum can be found in coins, jewelry, and computer hard drives. It can also be found in automobiles. It is in oxygen sensors, and catalytic converters too…. More »

How is Platinum Made?

Platinum is a rare metal. It is most often found in copper and nickel deposits. Platinum is separated from the other deposits and is melted to be used in industrial applications…. More »

What items are made of platinum?

Jewellery and watches…. More »

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  1. Jessie J Xxx says:

    do you have to be rich to have a platinum card? Are platinum cards made for wealthier people?

  2. Reginald says:

    My girlfriend has a custom made 141 platinum ring made in the 1950′s. How much do you think it is worth? There are no diamonds or stones, it’s just platinum. Tell me what you think?

  3. Maria M says:

    The four platinum bars were made in 1799. What was the degree of accuracy of the comparator used to gauge the bars. Answer in inches please.
    The answer is 72 micro inches. Thanks for answering.

  4. Mombi says:

    Mines is Barry. The reason i say that is because he was a serious trainer and had some great pokemon. Also the battle theme and his dance in platinum always made me laugh.

  5. Cherry says:

    I have the 2001 Monte Carlo double platinum edition made by Winners circle. With trading card adn a Richard Childress trading card. What is the value of this item?
    this is tha Dale Earnhardt Sr # 3 car

  6. Ii says:

    Although I LOVE my platinum engagement ring, it is not comfortable. The edges on my finger are almost sharp. Can a jeweler make the band more comfortable – more like a comfort band? How easy would this be? Or should I just get used to it?

  7. Kay says:

    I know when I did them in my Kia Rio, something about the copper core and platinum plugs made it run a little funny, so I had to get the OEM NGK plugs. Any issues on the Tiburons like that?

  8. Wef says:

    I am trying to get make a less than one second scene in a movie stay still for approximately 5 seconds. How would one do this in Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. I have made it alone and tried streching it but that doesnt work. Any ideas?

  9. Sand Storm says:

    I have bright, platinum blonde hair with dark brown roots, and want to go to a colour like Blake Lively, a golden blonde. How do I do this without going ginger? If I highlight it, will the roots look funny, and will it work?

  10. Yasha says:

    My hair is naturally medium brown but I have dyed it blood red about 4 weeks ago. I really want to be able to go platinum blonde but I don’t know how hard it would be or if the colour would work seeing as though my hair has already been dyed. Help please?

  11. Isha says:

    i am getting pokemon platinum soon and i was wondering who is good to use i dnt have a starter yet since i dnt have the game yet so if u can give me a good team and moves that would be great.

    Thnx for the imput.

  12. Vξu§ ♀ says:

    My dh gave me platinum earrings for our 20th but I seem to be having an allergic reaction to the posts (red, itchy lobes). How can you tell?

  13. Anthony Monteleone says:

    I use to be red but last week I beached my hair so now it pink… What volume should I use to go platinum blonde from home? 20 r 40 I have really short hair & im a black girl if that helps u answer my question better.. And how old I get the pink & orange out my hair?

  14. Janet says:

    I’m planning our wedding and we’re getting ready to pick out our rings. Is there really anything wrong with a man made diamond? OK ok, we have champagne taste with beer money. I just cant see myself spending $1000 of dollars on a smaller ring just because its real.

  15. Angela says:

    My hair is honey blonde with platinum highlights i want to dye it back to my natural color which is light/medium brown without fading…does anyone have any ideas/ dying techniques.

  16. Maha says:

    I am planning on starting over my pokemon platinum game and am wondering what pokemon team is best to start off with.

  17. Lady Rwr+kez says:


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