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How to Act Emo

You may have similar questions as How To Act Emo and How Do Emos Act,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Be And Act Like An Emo Girl. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Emo Quiz,too. Read more as following:

There is more than one way to act emo. Being emo is associated with acting negative or depressed all the time. Dressing in black clothing and wearing black, thick eyeliner is another way to act emo.

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How to Act Emo?

Act emo by being antisocial, mysterious, and different. You can do this by being rather distant with your peers and not very personable…. More »

How do emos act?

usually sad or random or hyper like me! EMOS act like themselves. nothing more.^_^. the real answer of how emo acts are their emotions but emos dont show their emotion when it isn’t needed they show it if it is let’s say if their sad they will talk t… More »

How to be and act like an emo girl?

1. Figure out you are wanting to do this. If you’re just trying to fit into a group then you should probably stop reading this. But if you’re doing this because you like the style and the music then please keep reading. 2. Find out what ‘emo’ really… More »

How to "How to Look and Act Emo"

1 Wear darker clothes . Dark clothes as in skinny jeans and tight shirts or some band shirts. If your parents are strict about clothes, try to add a band-named or skull pin that is hooked on your shirt. Wear Converse or Vans! 2 Makeup. Makeup . This… More »

Who started the act of being emo?

It wasnt really a certain someone. In the 80s, Iit was first used to describe a type of hardcore-punk. Then it was being used to describe indie influenced by those hardcore-punk bands. And now its being used to describe pop-rock and some posthardcore… More »

How to Act and Dress Scene/Emo

1 Do some research on the Emo and Scene styles . See if the style is right for you. It’s not for everyone. 2 Aquire a taste for Emo, screamo, and hardcore music . Bands like, Black Veil Brides, Blood on the Dance floor, Falling in Reverse, Escape the… More »

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  1. Love says:

    It’s stupid. You cut yourself, and just because what? Your mom yells at you?
    They take verbal bullying too seriously and start to act emo and crave attention and wonder why they’re bullied.
    They think they’re all alone and don’t even try to get help.
    Why are people so stupid to become emo?

  2. Arnold says:

    I don’t dress emo, I don’t have emo hair or makeup, I don’t listen to emo bands, and I don’t act emo. I dress and act like a normal college girl. Why, then, would people assume I’m emo just because I have a nose stud and a lip ring?

  3. Vanessa says:

    Why do people at school try to act goth or emo ?
    i think its stupid every where i go these weiros try and dress and act emo some of the ugly some do the justin bieber hair flip its disturbing .why do they do it ?

  4. Meshell1229 says:

    For some reason at school I act emo/depressed, although I usually fell happier, and then when I get home I usually act happier although I’m really usually more depressed since I have no friends!
    What do you think I should do to make myself seem more likable and friendly?

  5. Joleigh says:

    Why do some people see generalisations as a bad thing? Almost all forms of psychology are based on generalisations. Are we supposed to speak for every person who we know absolutely nothing about? Of course not so we generalise! Stop acting emo about it because guess what you’re getting a label.

  6. Bacchus says:

    Here’s one: Overly sympathetic guys that act all emo are frequently trying to look sensitive so they can win you over or get you into bed.

  7. Kk says:

    My best friend and i are making some youtube videos and we’re trying to act emo and well, lets say that it’s not working. Can anyone give me some help? I already have the look down, just not the attitude

  8. Jessie says:

    i think its stupid every where i go these weiros try and dress and act emo some of the ugly some do the justin bieber hair flip its disturbing .why do they do it ?
    seriously i mean half of the guys do this ~.~

  9. Emura says:

    Im sorry but she cant act.she always sounds monotone and she gets all these good roles that could go to someone way better.the only thing good is she looks decent.but,she acts so emo.

  10. What The Smurf says:

    Well look. She cut her hair in a way that looks emo, it seems that all they say it is.
    But it comes a day acting like emo and the next moment it is happy.
    I say it’s a damn fake.

  11. Emily Carroll says:

    Please help i see this emo kid around and he is really cute. I have no clue of how to ask around emos. Sorry for the lableing. Please no lectures. Sorry about my spelling. Thanks

  12. Njohnsona30 says:

    Are you girls attracted to the emo look such as dark clothing, long stylish and unique hair and etc. Well they look emo but they don’t act emo.

    At my school all the girls like guys with short spiky hair and prep clothes. So I’m just curious how many think the emo look are attractive or cute?

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