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Where do Kiwi Come from

You may have similar questions as Where Do Kiwi Fruit Come from and Where Do Kiwi Grow,or you may also seek several useful information about Where Is Kiwi Grown. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Kiwi Fruit Facts,too. Read more as following:

Both the kiwi fruit and variety of bird come from the continent of Australia and the country of New Zealand. Kiwis are also grown in the United States.

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Where do kiwi fruits come from?

The grow in California and they Origiated from China and then moved to New Zeland and then they started growing in Califronia… More »

Where do kiwi grow?

Kiwi are small flightless birds which are native to New Zealand alone. Kiwifruit. are vine fruit which are native to China, while other species are native to India, Japan and even southeastern Siberia. They are grown as commercial crops in New Zealan… More »

Where is Kiwi Grown?

Kiwi’s are grown in China, Australia, New Zealand, France, Chile, Japan and USA (mainly in California). You need to peel the skin of the fruit and then eat it. It is a very pretty fruit and used as decoration for fruit salads…. More »

Where does Kiwi Come from?

Kiwi fruit is originally found growing in China, but now it finds it’s home in several other countries around the world. One of those places is right here in the U.S…. More »

Where do Kiwis Come from?

Kiwis come from New Zealand. Ok, so the people nicknamed kiwis and the bird called a kiwi both come from New Zealand. The fruit named kiwi comes from north west of there, in China, but the New Zealanders were the first to take to the sweet little fru… More »

Where does Kiwi Fruit Come from?

Kiwi fruit grows on a tree. The tree looks very similar to a palm tree and the fruit grow under the leaves on the tree itself. They turn brown as they ripen…. More »

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  1. Meow :3 says:

    As you may have heard on the news, more than 1000 kiwis are coming into our country every week. So are you planning to ditch Australia yourself within the next year?

  2. Alpha Romeo Alpha says:

    I watched one of the races in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia on TV this afternoon and I saw a horse by the name of Kiwi Joe come 4th.

    How long has (s)he been racing for? What’s his/her record like, how many starts has (s)he had, for how many wins, how many 2nds and 3rds?

  3. Shaylene says:

    Looking for Steinlager for a Kiwi friend coming to town and he loves his Steinlager
    Baltimore area if you please.

  4. Tia says:

    kiwis came close to beat aussies at perth. if they had taken shane bond in that match they could well restricte
    the ozzzz to 250 . as the pitch was favuouring the seamers.

  5. Vvm says:

    How come so many kiwis come to Australia, then keep saying how great everything is ‘back in nz’ … If it was so good, then why are you here?

  6. Yanty says:

    I planted kiwi about 6 years ago. Last year we finally got lots of fruit on the trees. But, soon they all disappeared. We’re thinking the birds got them. What can I do this year to ensure they don’t disappear this year. We live in upstate NY.

  7. Melvin says:

    How do you make the strawberry kiwi breeze from smoothie king? I want to know how much of each ingredient too. Thank you.

  8. Chelsi says:

    Yeah, need to lose weight, bought a juicer that did not come with a recipe book, Need good recipies, thanks much!!
    I know I can juice anything, just would like some recipes…. how much of each veggie? fruit?

  9. Jason says:

    I have 2 kiwis that went bad in my fridge and I want to know how to sow and grow the seeds inside. Do I just throw the whole kiwi in a outdoor pot, bake all the moisture out of the fruit 1st, or use some other method?

    P.S. I have little farming experience.

  10. Brittney says:

    Why are Malaysians sent back home or put in detention centres, but New Zealanders are allowed to come here and live? I’ve got nothing against it, but why not just let them in, then there would be no people dying on boats trying to get here illegally.?

  11. Alesha says:

    And, can you use a potato peeler to peel the kiwi?

  12. Mystacall says:

    I hear’ed on the news Gillard did a deal with the NZ PM to make Australia even more accessable for kiwis. WHy is it that other country migrants are stuck on 5 year waiting lists and kiwis get in without any problem.

  13. Ichee says:

    I understand that Kiwis need girls and boys to make babies. but if Mama and Papa are different types can they still erm produce?

  14. Kalie Killen says:

    In middle school I drank a flavored water with a sports cap that came in Strawberry Kiwi, the only flavored water I’ve ever liked, it cost $1 or $1.25 a bottle. I haven’t seen it in any store. What is the brand name and where could I find it?

  15. Ethenc says:


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