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How to Hang Pictures on a Plaster Wall

You may have similar questions as How To Hang Pictures On Plaster Walls and How To Hang Pictures On A Lathe Plaster A Wall,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Hang Heavy Pictures On Plaster Walls. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Prepare a Plaster Wall for Painting,too. Read more as following:

If the picture is small and/or light just carefully nail a picture hook into the wall. If it is a heavy picture use a wall anchor placed into a stud. Plaster walls are quite capable of holding the weight of a heavy picture.

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How to Hang Pictures on Plaster Walls?

You have to make sure that you use drywall bits and screws, and then drill hole first, so as not to crack plaster. This will give it a strong hold…. More »

How to hang pictures on a lathe & plaster a wall?

1. Make a pencil mark on the surface of the wall at the location you need to hang the picture. 2. Select a drill bit that matches the diameter of a wood screw. Lock the drill bit in the chuck of a drill motor. 3. Align the tip of the drill bit with t… More »

How to hang heavy pictures on plaster walls?

1. Make a pencil mark on the wall where you would like to hang your picture. 2. Use a 1/8-inch drill bit and drill through the plaster wall at your mark. Move the bit around the hole, in a circular motion, to open the hole wide enough to allow the fo… More »

How to hang pictures on a lath and plaster wall?

1. Hold the picture up to the wall. Mark the picture’s top edge with a piece of painter’s tape. Flip the picture around and measure from the frame’s top edge down to the hanging bracket. For picture frames with two brackets, measure the distance betw… More »

How to hang pictures on a horsehair plaster wall?

1. Place a stud finder over the wall to locate an internal stud. Even though the wall is plaster there are still wooden beams behind it which can support paintings. 2. Mark the area where you found the stud and place duct tape over it. Mark a spot on… More »

How to hang a picture on a victorian lath and plaster wall?

1. Attach a drill bit smaller than the size of the screw to the drill. 2. Drill a small hole in the plaster. Stop when the drill hits the lathe. 3. Spread adhesive caulk on the back of the washer. 4. Put the metal washer on the stem of the screw with… More »

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  1. Celeste says:

    when I drive a picture hook to hang a picture the plaster seems to break away from the nail holding the hook in place

  2. Eric says:

    Another person asked this question but the answers related to drywall, not plaster. Because plaster is applied on top of lath, I understand it is very difficult to put nails in the wall without cracking it. But there must be a way. Hanging pictures from crown molding is not an option here.

  3. Alisha says:

    I am trying to hang curtain brackets (with heavy curtains) on my plaster walls a plain screw goes right through…what type of spcial hardware do I need to hang stuff on a plaster wall?

  4. Lindsey says:

    I’ve bent a zillion nails and even broke drill bits trying to go into the plaster walls! Very old house and am redecorating. Any suggestions please.

  5. Lizze.h says:

    I am trying to hang a picture on a plaster wall that is on top of a brick chimney. The plaster is only half an inch thick, then I hit brick. How do I put either a screw or nail into the brick? thank you.

  6. Bunnylover99999999 says:

    I can’t use tacs(they bend) and I am afraid to use anchors because the plaster might crack.

  7. Tasha says:

    Terrified to hang anything!

  8. Gabi Roe says:

    We recently bought a house that had a beautiful brick wall in the living room when we saw it first but the previous owner’s realtor told them to plaster it. I love the house but hate the plaster. Can I take it off? If not, can I hang pictures on it or is it going to crack?

  9. Ashlyn says:

    I drilled the wall and was ready to install anchor and screw but noticed the hole was breaking away, Should I use nails on a 45 degree angle instead?

  10. Willy says:


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