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How to Remove a Tooth

You may have such questions as Do It Yourself Tooth Extraction and How to Pull a Tooth,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is the Best Way to Pull a Tooth. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Tooth Implants Price,too. Read more as following:

My grandmother would wrap the tooth with a piece of thick thread and just tug. Yet, those days are long gone. I would not try removing a tooth on my own if i was you. That is the sort of thing best left to a professional. Also you can get an infection if you are not careful and a dentist will know if you need any additional attention.

What can you do to prepare yourself before a tooth extraction?

Dentists sometimes advise the patient to not take aspirin or any other anti inflamatory meds such as Ibuprofen, Aleve, etc. since they can cause more bleeding. You may want to ask your dentist if you can take Tylenol (acetominophen) about an hour bef... More »

How to pull a tooth?

1. Wait until the tooth is loose enough to pull. Pulling a tooth before it's ready will take several tries and will involve lots of screaming and crying from your child. Have your child wiggle the tooth with their tongue several times over the course... More »

What is the best way to pull a tooth?

Go to a professional dentist and let them do it this is the safest and best way to h...... More »

How to remove a stuck tooth?

1. Make an appointment with the family dentist to have the tooth examined. If you don't have a dentist, can refer you to an accredited dentist close to your home. 2. Attend the dental appointment. Allow the dental assistant to get som... More »

How to remove a tooth?

1. Make sure the tooth is loose enough to fall out before attempting to remove it. The more ready it is to fall out on its own, the less chance for pain. Avoid doing any of the home tooth removal myths, like biting into a hard apple or tying a tooth... More »

How to remove tooth plaque?

1. Use a cotton swab to highlight areas of plaque. Place a few drops of green food coloring on a cotton swab. Rub the swab on your teeth. Green will appear where plaque is present. 2. Floss can pick out food debris. Guide dental floss between your te... More »


  1. Mikayla Reply:

    Stupid question…

    What sorts of procedures to dentist use to remove wisdom teeth?

    Do they just pull out the tooth in the way?

    Or is more surgical than that?

  2. Howler Reply:

    My orthodontist suggest that she MIGHT have to remove teeth to make space in my mouth. Which teeth normally get removed. I hope not my front 6 teeth.

    Is there a rule of thumb about which teeth get removed?

  3. Lastevia Reply:

    I want to painlessly remove my tooth, what are some ways to remove it w/o me feeling pain?

  4. Troy Flowers Reply:

    I’m 14, female. And I’m freaking out about MAYBE getting my teeth pulled out. My dentist say that i about 3-4 more teeth than i am suppose to. If my teeth are crowded. DO they actually NEED to remove teeth.

  5. Amanda Verma Reply:

    use for removing tooth that makes the gum feel numb and inflamated. can i buy in drug store?

  6. Ah Man Da Reply:

    I will most likely need to remove tooth #10 and get an implant. It will take 6 months for it to heal. Can I get braces? (6 top front teeth are crowns one of them will become an implant) so those do not need to move just the surrounding and the bottom teeth? any help greatly appreciated. thank you.

  7. Lauz Reply:

    I want to make a necklace out of my removed teeth. Before I create it though, I want to make sure that the tooth won’t shatter easily. They’re a bit old, about three or four years, and I’m worried that they won’t be strong enough to withstand everyday wear. Any suggestions?

  8. Steve The Reply:

    I have a bad overbite, and my orthodontists said they may need to remove teeth if the braces don’t fix it.

    So if they remove teeth does that mean they have to take my braces off, pull teeth, and put them back on again?

  9. Joy Reply:

    I have to removed my 4 tooth for breces. But of my friend says that if you remove tooth your eye sight become less. Is it true? Now i am so worried about it. Help guys.Plz answer and thnx.

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