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Can diabetes cause migraine headaches?

Type 2 diabetes can cause headaches, though they may not be considered migraines! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Shamika Reply:

    Sudden intense headaches or migraines when you are a diabetic means Diabetes and headaches can cause you a lot of stress both physically and mentally. Detail:

  2. Bambi Reply:

    Type 2 diabetes can cause headaches, though they may not be considered migraines.

  3. Dorthea Reply:

    Statistics show roughly 10 percent of children suffer from migraine headaches, and about 20 percent of them have had their first attack by the age of 5. Causes of these headaches are similar to migraine triggers for adults. More:

  4. Sherrill Reply:

    Frequent migraines may cause severe symptoms that can last for several days and cause difficulty with performing work, taking care of yourself and managing your household. Women are more likely than men to have frequent migraines, which may… More:

  5. Lillie Reply:

    It is still somewhat a mystery as to what causes migrain headaches, though some feel chemicals in the brain play a part. Doctors are still looking into the cause today and think they may have narrowed it down to some of the triggers. More:

  6. Beth Reply:

    Migraine help???? Alternatives to or supplements to? I am getting horrible migraine prescription drugs for Migraine headaches headaches. I have trid using Midrin and Imatrex,

  7. Siu Reply:

    Im also a lifetime migraine sufferer, I feel your pain!!!try the Cleveland Clinic!!!there have branches all over the US!!I have been many time in the Hospital too!!!

  8. Xiao Reply:

    With type I diabetes, ketoacidosis causes sinusitis by Mucormycosis. . nasal congestion can be a common result of migraine headaches, due to the autonomic

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