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Do boils on the skin need medical attention?

Any boil or abscess in a patient with diabetes or a patient with an underlying illness that can be associated with a weakened immune system should be evaluated by a health-care practitioner! Additionally, many medicines, especially prednisone, that suppress the immune system can complicate what would be an otherwise simple boil! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Avery Reply:

    A boil is an area of the skin that's become infected, creating an abscess that's hardened. They often look The good news is that boils can be treated naturally. There are two types of boils where you need to seek medical attention. One is Detail:

  2. Nydia Reply:

    Learn about boils (skin abscess), localized infections deep within the skin that When should I seek medical attention? . Find out what women really need.

  3. Ping Reply:

    There are certain chemicals in tie dye that could be harmful to your skin. More:

  4. Riva Reply:

    If the boil has not spread, use a hot compress to bring to a head and let it drain. Apply antibiotic ointment & cover with gauze. More:

  5. Ara Reply:

    black draw works well and in about 2 or 3 days…it will bring it to a head and the boil will pop on its own. it’ll be a little prick like a needle… More:

  6. Mellissa Reply:

    what can i do about skin, year and a half i skin, but in the past year problems? (dry skin, recurring boils, scabs that won’t heal)? i have always had good’ve developed awful

  7. Georgianna Reply:

    It could be a boil! It could be anything under the sun! Who knows! You are not equipped to self-diagnosis yourself!I say this respectfully and honestly: this is an undying trend on Yahoo! Answers! I absolutely do not understand it!Users such as yourself believe that a total random stranger with little to no knowledge is able to “accurately diagnose” your skin condition via cyberspace! Even if the stranger is knowledgeable or claims to be a “real doctor”, cyberspace is a barrier that disables him or her to decipher that truth and hinders him or her from helping you honestly and fully!Yahoo! Answer is a great platform to learn, answer, and ask questions; however, no one is honestly equipped with the skill to diagnose anyone over cyberspace with just texts (or picture[s])! You may already be cognizant of this reality! You may ask the question out of desperation and anxiety, but these symptoms pose another problem! That is, they render your mind to be credulous, so you would believe anything anyone says here as long as the response sounds satisfactory even if it is scientifically and medicinally incorrect! You should not deter yourself from seeking a board-certified dermatologist, who went to medical school to be equipped with the knowledge to not only accurately diagnose and treat your skin condition but also give you the best answer than anyone else here can! You cannot depend on anyone on Yahoo! Answers to accurately diagnose your skin condition when:1)There is no paid licensed physician on call for Yahoo! Answers! Anyone who claims that s/he is a doctor is a bona fide deluder!2)Your description is poor! Even if it is rich in detail, it is only one piece of a clue! There is no guarantee that you even know what you are describing! You can be using the inappropriate terms or exaggerating! 3)There is no picture! Even if there is a picture, it is only one piece of a clue! Your description may contradict what is seen on the picture! Lighting can be an issue!4)No one has your medical record and it is not wise to share private information over cyberspace!Bottom line: if you have a diagnostic question about medicine, or dermatology specifically, then it is wishful thinking to believe that you will find a Best Answer on Yahoo! Answer!

  8. Nakisha Reply:

    Why do mental disorders require medical attention? cephalosporins: shortness of breath, pounding heartbeat, skin rash or hives, severe cramps or pain in the.

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