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How do you become diabetic?

Diabetes is usually an inherited disorder! It can also be caused by excessive carbohydrate consumption! Thanks for using !! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lizette Reply:

    How Does One Become Diabetic?. According to the American Diabetes Association website, 20.8 million people have diabetes, which is 7 percent of the total Detail:

  2. Salley Reply:

    Diabetes is usually an inherited disorder. It can also be caused by excessive carbohydrate consumption.

  3. Shanita Reply:

    Diabetes Definition The food you eat is broken down into sugar called glucose. Your body uses the sugar to supply energy. Insulin is the hormone that carries the sugar into the body cells. Diabetics’ cells are unable to receive the sugar fo… More:

  4. Toshia Reply:

    Because of the growing diabetic population, there is a major need for certified diabetes educators across the country. In order to become a diabetes educator, however, there are several criteria that must be met. Once these criteria are met… More:

  5. Kellee Reply:

    Diabetes nurse specialists work with diabetic patients to control and manage their diabetes. A diabetes nurse specialist may help diabetes patients to monitor their medication and blood sugar. A nurse specialist may also help diabetic patie… More:

  6. Ronna Reply:

    Including wine

  7. Luann Reply:

    So sorry to hear about your precious cat – I am a cat lover myself and have cats! Sounds like your vet is saying that these are signs of kidney failure rather than diabetes! Read this: http://www!fabcats!org/crf!htmlWould you consider seeking a second opinion from another vet! My prayers are with you and your cat!

  8. Allie Reply:

    If you speak to your doctor and work with your diabetic specialist there is no reason you couldn't become pregnant, but you must be informed of all information

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