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How to Tell if You have Low Iron in Your Blood

You may have such questions as How To Tell If Blood Sugar Is Low and What Is The Cause Of Low Iron In The Blood,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Tell If You Have Low Blood Pressure. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Symptoms of Lack of Iron in Blood,too. Read more as following:

To tell if you have low iron in your blood your doctor will need to preform some blood work. Some symptoms to look for as warning signs are dark circles under eyes, paleness, low energy level, confusion, poor circulation, and some times dizziness.

How to tell if blood sugar is low?

1. Examine your symptoms. Common signs of low blood sugar include a shaky feeling, increased perspiration, irritability, hunger, loss of coordination/clumsiness, headache, weakness, blurry vision, rapid heartbeat and confusion. 2. Think about your re... More »

What is the cause of low iron in the blood?

Not enough protein.... More »

How to tell if you have low blood pressure?

1. Be careful standing up quickly. Because the blood pressure is low, a sudden change in movement may result in a feeling of faintness, dizziness or having a light head. If any of these symptoms are noticed, it is very possible you have low blood pre... More »

How to tell if your blood oxygen is low?

1. Take note of any sudden shortness of breath during periods of rest or basic exertion. If any shortness of breath affects your ability to function, you could have low blood oxygen. 2. Notice any sustained feeling of tiredness that is out of the ord... More »


  1. Lastevia Reply:

    Wanted to know how/why low iron may prevent a woman from becoming pregnant.

  2. Kyla Webb Reply:

    How would you feel physically if you have a low iron level? What does it mean? How could it hurt my unborn baby (7months). What does iron do for your body? please help me out here. Thanks!

  3. Monica Seacord Reply:

    I’m 15. I have a terrible long, heavy period and low iron levels in my blood which also gives me lightheadedness and I get sleepy really easily. How do I ask my mom if she can make an appointment to get birth control to help this? I don’t think she’ll believe me, and she’ll think I’m having sex.

  4. Shiz_gizn_gar Reply:

    I just had blood work done and my doctor is putting me on iron sulfate because I still have low iron. But last time they said I had low iron, I was still able to donate blood. Can I still donate blood with my low iron if my HgB count is high enough when I go to donate? Thanks.

  5. Rayn Reply:

    I used to have iron deficiency anemia so my doctor told me to take iron supplements. After my last blood exams he only told me that I had low iron. Does this mean I’m still anemic?

  6. Sheryl Reply:

    Someone told me that if you rub white gold or silver ring on your skin and it turns color, then you are low on iron. Is this an accurate test? Why does my skin turn color if not?

  7. Connor Reply:

    I got test done and I got the doctor said that I had low iron, but they took blood and are running future test. Can anyone tell me what you do if you have Anemia.

  8. Stu Reply:

    I turned 17 recently and I wanted to donate blood but my mom told me I have a low level of iron in my blood (took my parents long enough to tell me) is there anything i can take for it? Just wondering

  9. Sourly Reply:

    my doctor just called to let me know that I have very low iron in my blood… he told me to take supplements but didn’t specify which. What is the best iron supplement I can take? I’m female, 19 years old.

  10. Oliver Reply:

    I went to the doctor because i was bleeding really bad and they told me i have low potassium and low iron when they drew my blood! They wont tell me anything else other than i need to get and ultra sound done…Im nervous can someone tell me what might be going on?

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