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Is clear urine bad?

Clear urine color can be a symptom of Diabetes Insipidus! As long as your water intake is kept up, there’s no immediate danger! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Criselda Reply:

    Consistently clear urine can be indicative of health issues, however, like Strong , foul-smelling urine that is not caused by diet (asparagus, for instance, leads to Detail:

  2. Krysta Reply:

    Clear urine is a very bad sign. Your urine is way too diluted! Urine ideally should be pale yellow. Diluting your urine to that extent can cause kidney

  3. Toby Reply:

    Normal urine color ranges from pale yellow to deep amber so the lighter your urine is, the better hydrated you are. More:

  4. Earlene Reply:

    CAPTURE THE URINE In order to clear the skin the quickest, capture the urine that is the most concentrated. That would mean catching the first urine of the day in a glass bowl or container. Make sure that the container is clean and empty. U… More:

  5. Patrica Reply:

    Clear cutting can be both good and bad. If the clear cut is on a slope, mud slides can happen. On the other hand, it is a benefit to wildlife as they feed heavily on the new growth. More:

  6. Alana Reply:

    i am about 29 weeks pregnant drinkin ice cold water and and i urinate very bad and they are all clear smelling urine, i have done 2 tests? I am also addicted to eating the whi

  7. Yung Reply:

    Clear urine could be a sign of type 1 diabetes as is tiredness! You should ask your doctor to test you for it! Clear urine is usually a sign of good health and hydration though! The discomfort is what I am concerned about! If you have any discomfort while urinating or after that is a sign that something is wrong! Bladder infections or UTIs are characterized by cloudy urine as are kidney issues! Liver issues are generally characterized by brown urine, bladder cancer and kidney cancer is associated with cloudy urine! Typically, clear urine signals good hydration and health! However, if you do not consume many beverages or much water and your urine remains consistently clear, contact a physician because it could be a sign of a kidney or liver disorder! Hope I helped and good luck!EDIT: If everything says it is normal but you are still having problems then you should get a different point of view from a different doctor! Some drs are so set in their ways that they limit themselves and their views! Blood in your urine is definitely not good! Maybe ask for a referral to an urologist or a nephrologist! Some insurances don’t even require a referral so check with them to see! If your current dr! is a good dr then they will understand that it is your right and obligation to get a second opinion! Also I know from experience that ct scans and MRIs do not show everything and mistakes can be made with them! Sometimes it may take them performing an exploratory surgery or something of the like (usually involving a small camera to avoid huge incisions) to see up-close what is going on!

  8. Elvira Reply:

    If the urine is clear, this is a good sign and makes the vitamin density the most likely explanation. It could also If it is second situation it is bad. Liver does not

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