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Is drinking a lot of water a sign of pregnancy?

Not necessarily, being thirstier than usual is usually a sign of diabetes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lissette Reply:

    Can You Drink Too Much Water While Pregnant?. Staying thirsty–so thirsty that you can't quench it no matter how much you drink–is a strong sign of diabetes. Detail:

  2. Donella Reply:

    Jan 5, 2008 That was my number one sign that I was pregnant this last time. sign. Plus, drinking a lot of water helps your ovaries and you need ovarian

  3. Cristy Reply:

    Water is a life-giving substance that is also a vital nutrient for proper body and brain function. A healthy amount of water can help flush poisons from your body and alleviate the symptoms of dehydration. More:

  4. Aja Reply:

    Since your dog cannot tell you how he feels, recognizing his symptoms requires careful observation. Observe whether he drinks more than usual, and coughs after drinking or after exercise. If he coughs more at night, this provides an importa… More:

  5. Jade Reply:

    Cats usually drink water because they’re thirsty. If your cat has suddenly developed excessive thirst and is drinking a lot more water than normal, then they might have an illness such as feline diabetes. You might want to take your cat to … More:

  6. Elvira Reply:

    Does drinking a lot of water before taking a pregnancy test like it would make your affect its reading? Just wondering because it seems urine pretty much just water and I was

  7. Jina Reply:

    Obviously drinking water will dilute your urine, which can skew the results of a urine test! However, youre also testing way too soon to expect an accurate result! Around 90% of women who are indeed pregnant will get a positive result after the first day of a missed period! Every day BEFORE that that you test, the chances of getting a positive decrease! Youre testing 4 days before a missed period, putting your chances of seeing a positive around 65-70%, even if you are indeed pregnant! Wait until your period is due and test again if it doesnt arrive!

  8. Lorelei Reply:

    If you're pregnant the doctor tells you to drink A LOT of water! to drink plenty of water, however when taking a pregnancy test, to much water Sign in using:

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