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Is eating pepper bad for you?

Peppers not bad for you, in fact eating peppers can help decrease Cardiovascular disease, Infections and Diabetes! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Teresa Reply:

    Eating hot peppers, and all spicy foods for that matter, may cause acid reflux, Burns, and Reflux · Chili Peppers & Your Health: Are hot peppers bad for you? Detail:

  2. Ellena Reply:

    Super foods you should eat daily. Chili peppers literally clean your blood of mucus and toxins, making it easy for oxygen to be supplied to Not a bad deal.

  3. Janae Reply:

    Hopefully, you won’t ever have to experience what would happen, or what it tastes like to eat a bad egg. The smell of the bad egg alone, should warn you! If it so happens, that you happen to eat a bad egg, you would probably get really sick… More:

  4. Jimmie Reply:

    The notion that pork is bad to eat is a misnomer. Because of improved breeding techniques, and controlled raising procedures, lean cuts of pork are considered healthier fare than chicken. Get more details at… More:

  5. Tiera Reply:

    Potatoes are bad to eat when they start growing sprouts and getting soft spots. The potatoes will also turn black in spots when bad to eat. When you cut into them they will be soft and smell bad when they are bad to eat. More:

  6. Kimberli Reply:

    Is eating a lot of black on 2 meal a day pepper and hot sauce bad tablespoon of black pepper on for you? my girlfriend eat almost 3 her food everyday and almost. She also add

  7. Ilona Reply:

    I love black pepper too! Now Ive moved onto red pepper, crushed! But anyhow, my bf told me that a guy he knew had liver problems because he ate so much black pepper on everything! I mean everything! Eggs, toast, etc! So yeah, anything in excess is crazy/bad for you! It was one of my short term addictions, so its the only reason I know :)

  8. Genna Reply:

    Is it bad to eat too much pepper? I actually believe that the asker/OP(original poster) may have meant the pepper,that you sprinkle on food. not a Capsicum.

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