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Is it healthy to poop 10 times a day?

Experts disagree on how often a person should poop! The National Institute for Diabetes, Kidney, and Digestive Diseases says three times a week is normal and healthy for some people! Others say once a day is ideal! again soon! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Marius Reply:

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  2. Evan Reply:

    It is also good practice to note the times of day when he pees or poops. This will help Be sure to make goofy faces and show him how poop is yucky by doing the "Oh yuck, shoo-wee!" when he . 10 Activities for Kids on Breakthumbnail Detail:

  3. Rana Reply:

    And I’m always poopingsometimes up to 10 times a day or probably more. And the poop is almost like diarrhea. 2 people rated this as good

  4. Hailey Reply:

    It depends on many things, pooper’s metabolism, diet, age, activity. But I would say 1-2 times a day, unless you’re a body builder More:

  5. Jaime Reply:

    The National Institute for Diabetes, Kidney, & Digestive Diseases says pooping 3 times a week is healthy for some people. More:

  6. Elizabeth Reply:

    2-4 More:

  7. Angella Reply:

    i poop about 4 to 6 average size. people think its weird i times a day, is that healthy? i have big boobs, a shapely ass, and a tummy thats about poo so much but i think it’s

  8. Sidney Reply:

    If he is only eating three times a day, then three times should be right! However it might take up to 10 days for the wormer to work it self out!!!!I think!My dog goes about 3x!

  9. Louella Reply:

    But How often do newborn puppies need to eat? An average bred puppy ( newborn) should eat 10 times a day. Is it normal for puppies not to poop very often?

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