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Is regular soda better for you than diet soda?

Because of the artificial sweeteners, diet soda is no better for you than regular soda! Less fattening, but more toxic! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. regular Reply:

    i am a long distance runner first i need the carbs second diet messes with your digestive system bad

    the regular one is better BUT must use in small amounts be carefull of the sugar thats it

    the only time diet is better is if you have diabetes

  2. Otha Reply:

    What ever you do, avoid switching to Diet Coke or Pepsi! Studies are finding that the artificial sweeteners found in these diet drinks are actually causing more harm than Also, eating the actual fruit can be better for you it has more fiber in it . put some ice cubes from the Big Gulp machine into your cup of regular coffee with Detail:

  3. Shaquita Reply:

    The fact that diet soda has no sugar nor calories may have people to believe that diet soda is better for you. However, diet soda contains an artificial sweetener known as aspartame and it is a foreign chemical that you are injesting. All a

  4. Trang Reply:

    its not really. it has less calories but a ton more salt so you really have to decide which is worse. if you drink like a fish then diet. if you only have o soda once in a while regular. More:

  5. Bree Reply:

    Water is better than soda because it is a natural resource and helps keep you hydrated and healthy. It doesn’t contain sugar or additives except for the ones that help keep your teeth from falling out after you’ve drunk too much soda. Water… More:

  6. Frank Reply:

    Why is regular soda heavier than diet soda? answer: Regular soda has over 40 grams of sugar which has a higher density than water which is why it floats. Diet soda has artificial sweetener which is has lower density than water, therefore it… More:

  7. Brigitte Reply:

    WHY CANT THE SODA COMPANIES MAKE DiET SODA TASTE JUST AS diet soda. It has no calories or GOOD AS REGULAR SODA? I hate the taste of carbs. Coca-cola and many other soda compan

  8. Refugio Reply:

    Everything causes cancer so I dont think that should be your concern! My dad never drank diet soda in his life and he died of cancer!It depends on your diet and what you are trying to achieve! Ill say first off that for 99% of people, diet soda is much healthier! Just for the teeth enamel/cavity issue it wins! Soda is highly acidic which weakens enamel! Regular soda is pure sugar which corrodes enamel and causes cavities! Drinking regular soda allows sugar to penetrate the enamel of your teeth and cause cavities faster than just about any food or drink on the market! It is even worse for your teeth than alcohol which is a close second (its chemical composition is very similar to soda!!!acidic and filled with sugar)!On the health front, regular soda is packed with sugar that open doors to obesity and diabetes! Diet soda generally contains no sugar or fat which is obviously better than consuming up to 50 grams of sugar in one 12 oz can of soda!Some studies have shown that drinking diet soda tricks your body into thinking that it is consuming sugar and MAY cause diabetes! But these studies have jot been proven, and studies on regular soda HAVE proven that it causes diabetes! So go figure! Many people also claim that drinking diet soda makes your body crave sugar, which is probably true! These same people are saying that you should just drink regular soda so that your body wont have these cravings, which is ridiculous! You can drink a diet soda and eat an Orange or a banana and your body will no longer crave sugar! And youll be about 30 grams of sugar lower than just drinking that one 12 ounce soda! If you go and get a 32 ounce big gulp, there are around 120 grams of sugar in it! You could get a 32 ounce diet soda and eat two donuts and comet healthier!Regular soda is pretty much the worst thing that there is to drink in regards to empty calories! I say drinking diet sodas is by far the lesser of two evils!

  9. Desiree Reply:

    Believe it or not, coke is in fact way better than diet coke because diet coke contains aspartame, a cancer-causing chemical. Although people choose diet coke

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