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What could be wrong with me? I been having headaches and i pee alot?

I don’t know! What are you feeling?? Sick?? Sad?? We may be able to give you some advice! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Norma Reply:


  2. Kristina Reply:

    What is wrong with me? I keep getting up to pee. Im scared. Am i Pregnant?
    Please help me..

  3. Amber Reply:

    Does the smell of something you normally enjoy turn your stomach (i.e., frying meat or scrambled eggs)? 6. Are you getting up more often in the middle of the night to urinate? Or they want a lot of one kinds of thing. If you have been sexually active and have any of these symptoms you need to take a pregnancy test. Detail:

  4. Cinda Reply:

    Oct 18, 2011 hey thats the same with me i am 2 months late with my periods and getting I have been having pregnancy symptoms i took a pregnancy test a couple days they both came up negative but I still feel like something could be wrong. . and peeing alot still having alot of backaches and sharp headaches it’s

  5. Adina Reply:

    You could be experiencing chronic migraine or a chronic tension-type headache. If the headaches continue, see your doctor ! More:'ve-been-having-a-lot-of-headaches-lately

  6. Michelle Reply:

    Well, that is a common sign in early pregnancy. But if that is not possible it could be the start of a UTI, maybe? If you start to have any pain while going, or if you feel you have to pee often, but not much comes out get to a doctor. Actu… More:

  7. Drusilla Reply:

    Pregnancy symptoms include, Fatigue/Tiredness, Headaches, Frequent Urination. If you think you may be consult your doctor asap! More:

  8. Mana Reply:

    why do pregnant girls pee alot? what makes them pee alot what? ? i am just curious as peeing alot more here lately to why i have been? does the bladder shrink or!! yes, i am p

  9. Anglea Reply:

    Here are some signs of diabetes:1! You are frequently thirsty2! You need the toilet a lot3! Your mouth is dry4! Your vision is blurry5! You have cuts and other sores that take a while to heal6! You experience itching in and around the vagina7! Your hands and feet feel numb and tingle8! The skin on your neck, armpit and groin suddenly gets darker9! You have inexplicably lost or gained weightIf you have these symptoms then it means you have diabetes!If you want to buy herbal product to maintain diabetes then click:

  10. Chastity Reply:

    Send me the monthly newsletter. . When should you start feeling a lot of joint pain during your pregnancy like hip and pelvic pain Hi you are having really bad backpain headaches really long pees and feeling tired but just had a. Iv been getting annoyed lately could that be a pregnancy symptom

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