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What does fast food do to your body?

The food you eat affects your mood, weight, and overall health! Too much fast food can cause obesity, depression, and diabetes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jeanice Reply:

    Junk food includes overly salty foods such as potato chips and pork rinds. Foods loaded with sugar such Your body can't convert junk food into bone, muscle or healthy organ cells. What Does Testerone Do to Your Body? When you think Detail:

  2. Karlyn Reply:

    fast food can harm your heart, because it has lot of fat in them and can clog your arteries. it can also make you very fat if you eat to much of it.

  3. Bethann Reply:

    Fast food is any food that you can prepare in under 30 minutes. The fastest food is that which comes out of a window when you’re going around the drive through lane after having deposited a large amount of "lettuce" at an earlier window. More:

  4. Tisha Reply:

    Fast food is LOADED with high calories, tons of fat and oodles of sodium. ALL BAD FOR YOU. Even a salad at a fast food place has to be watched, don’t eat the dressing, leave the croutons off! More:

  5. Marilynn Reply:

    Just look at our society. Obesity is on the rise. Heart disease is on the rise. All these medical conditions are reaching record highs because of the negative effect that fast food has on your body. Just say no and cook for a change! More:

  6. Serita Reply:

    What’s the best website on information on healthy food compared to on the body good carbs fast food and their effects. compared to bad carbs., and other nutrients that the bod

  7. Dalia Reply:

    Fast food does horrible things to your body! Not only is it completely fattening (and artery clogging), its filled with nasty preservatives that can possibly cause cancer! Leave a french fry out on the counter for a couple of months, and see what it does! You will notice that it turns into a petrified french fry, but it wont ever mold! I am not sure what they use for their fries, or if they even use real potatoes??! Makes you wonder what kind of meat they use! The food is so cheap and actually tastes terrible, but they use special chemicals to make it taste good! So gross!!The fast food culture that weve become is sickening! They have made us so busy that we have little time to go to the grocery store, buy healthy foods, and go home cook healthy meals for ourselves! Instead, its just easier to go through the drive thru at McDonalds and get something quick! I wouldnt object so much to the idea of fast food if it was nutritious! But why does it have to be so bad for us- unless they are trying to kill us????

  8. Josephina Reply:

    What does fast food do to your bodies? fast food can harm your heart, because it has lot of fat in them and can clog your arteries. it can also make you very fat if

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