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What does it mean if I pee a lot?

It could be caused by a urinary tract infection, diabetes, pregnancy, prostate problems, medicines such as diuretics! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Alease Reply:

    Leaking urine generally indicates a mild form of urinary incontinence, or the inability to control your bladder. In most cases Check to see if your boyfriend calls you a lot, or texts. Now if he What Does it Mean When a Cat Stops Urinating? Detail:

  2. Emerald Reply:

    Have you recently changed brands of coffee? I find that when I change to stronger brand or brew that my bladder gets irritated and it makes me urinate more frequently. Also, if you aren’t drinking enough water you can actually have a proble

  3. Elza Reply:

    could be a number of reasons: you drink too much due to medication you take or can be a sign of diabetes so you might want to see your doctor cause your bladder is full and your bladder gets filled every 15-20 seconds but only a little More:

  4. Loreen Reply:

    One that drinks a lot. More:

  5. Clyde Reply:

    This could be a number of things causing this: Polyuria is an excessive need to urinate. Excessive urination can be a sign of a number of disorders, including diabetes. Polyuria that occurs over several days and is not due to medications or… More:

  6. Latoyia Reply:

    I’m really worried about my health there is this red stuff. I pee a lot, and sometimes when I pee in it? Also I have this wart things. wut should i do?

  7. Taylor Reply:

    Yeah, that could be a urinary tract infection! There are other reasons that urination could be painful, however! There are plenty of STDs that cause painful urination! Various kidney afflictions cause the same thing! If painful urination persists for even more than a day, it should be treated as a serious medical concern, so I would refer your cousin to a doctor immediately!

  8. Mariella Reply:

    you could have minor or even major bladder problemsfrequent urges to pee are also a sign of pregnancybest answer is to go get a check up. good luck and i

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