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What does it mean if my fingers smell like copper?

A Copper like smell could be a sign of diabetes! Blood contains this metal in very small quantities! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Amy Reply:

    The green color will fade if you stop wearing the copper, and it is not harmful to your You May Also Like Why Do My Fingers Turn Green From Fake Rings? If Detail:

  2. Tamie Reply:

    has baffled us all. "When her blood sugars are too high, her hands off a warm odor). The rest of her body does, too, but not as intensely as her hands . I have noticed my hands smelling like copper as well. I have noticed

  3. Shawnee Reply:

    copper has a smell unique to copper that is often described as sweet. smell being an olifactory sense and subjective to individual perspective i recomend getting a penny that predates 1992 and smelling it for yourself. Note: There are comme… More:

  4. Manie Reply:

    It smells remarkably like blue vitriol. More:

  5. Kiersten Reply:

    Flea medicine dosing has been reported to give pet dogs copper smelling breath, among other side effects. Coppery breath can be an indication of gum disease in your dog. Flea medicine may weaken your dog’s immune system. A dose of antibioti… More:

  6. Mozell Reply:

    My fingers smell……….? I just fed the fish. Why does fish food smell like fish? Lol sug cat – mens health!

  7. Kimberly Reply:

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  8. Zoraida Reply:

    Actually, if you bleed enough, blood smells like copper, too. There is also a protein in your blood plasma (The liquid that makes blood flow through your

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