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What does it mean if you are seeing spots?

There are many reasons for spots including retinal disorders, retinopathy, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal tears! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sherell Reply:

    Sometimes, though, it is a sign of a potentially dangerous condition. When you see a flurry of black spots, it could mean that your retina is about to detach from Detail:

  2. Antonette Reply:

    Oct 20, 2007 What does it mean when you see white spots before your eyes? Sometimes I get these white spots, sort of like sparks, flowing from the sides

  3. Minnie Reply:

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  4. Leoma Reply:

    The blind spot test is a simple X and O on a blank background. You can see a small version of it in the illustration at the top of this article. But to perform the actual blind spot test, you’ll need a full size version. Head to the Blind S… More:

  5. Rashida Reply:

    Seeing spots usually means the onslaught of a migrain headache. Ouch those are terribly painful. When the spots appear it is timout and you should take a headache pill and relax for a couple hours. More:

  6. Nona Reply:

    Can anyone share with me the best Face Cream to remove sun spots,liver spots and stubborn age spots?

  7. Minta Reply:

    Bad sign of preeclampsia!!call your ob/mw immediately!!!

  8. Adrien Reply:

    What does it mean when an egg has a red dot on it? What you are seeing is called a blood spot and this happens when a small blood vessel is broken while

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