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What does it mean if your feet go numb a lot?

Type 2 diabetes is gradual and many people aren’t aware that they have it! Frequent numbness is a clear sign that its coming on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. nora Reply:

    My feet feel mumb and hot

  2. Klara Reply:

    Why Do My Toes Go Numb When I Run?thumbnail Why Do My . What Does it Mean When Your Big Toe Goes Numb? Your feet Feet take a lot of beating. Detail:

  3. Delphine Reply:

    Nov 17, 2007 Sometimes they go numb when I’m not wearing shoes … Could be lots of things. What can it mean when your feet go numb often?

  4. Sindy Reply:

    Definition of an Elliptical Trainer An elliptical trainer, also known as a cross trainer, is a stationary exercise machine that resembles a combination of a treadmill and a strairstepper, providing a cardiovascular workout that is easy on t… More:

  5. Izetta Reply:

    While numbness during running comes down to one basic cause–an affected nerve in the foot–the reasons behind the nerve becoming compressed, crowded or irritated can vary greatly. More:

  6. Deann Reply:

    Some people report numbness in their feet beyond the normal aches and weariness that comes with a strenuous workout. For most cases, numb feet can be rectified easily, but other more serious considerations also need to be remembered. More:

  7. Latricia Reply:

    My new Crosstrainer hurts my feet, after about 15 mins my getting painful, any ideas why? I am wearing proper good feet go numb and its running shoes on the machine, but the p

  8. Andra Reply:

    If it happens often and for no reason I would tell your family doctor about it! A lot of times when a part of your body goes numb it is because there is not good blood circulation going to that part of the body! A lot of people with Diabetes have foot numbness! Im sure it can be associated with other things too so best things is next time you go to your doctor mention both the tingling and the back pain in case it is something more serious!

  9. Sybil Reply:

    What does it mean if both feet are numb and tingling? Could be a pinched nerve. How do your legs go numb? You legs go numb, when your blood is either, not

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