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What does it mean when you have to pee a lot?

There are many causes! They range from drinking many fluids to anxiety, diabetes, or an STD! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Refugia Reply:

    Stress incontinence means you leak urine while coughing, sneezing, or lifting heavy objects. Overflow There are times when we have to pee and there is not a bathroom available. Check to see if your boyfriend calls you a lot, or texts. Detail:

  2. Lessie Reply:

    A number of things can make you urinate a lot. Some are bladder infection, to much water, or can also be a sign of diabetes.

  3. Madeleine Reply:

    could be a number of reasons: you drink too much due to medication you take or can be a sign of diabetes so you might want to see your doctor cause your bladder is full and your bladder gets filled every 15-20 seconds but only a little More:

  4. Brandon Reply:

    One that drinks a lot. More:

  5. Gwendolyn Reply:

    This could be a number of things causing this: Polyuria is an excessive need to urinate. Excessive urination can be a sign of a number of disorders, including diabetes. Polyuria that occurs over several days and is not due to medications or… More:

  6. Roselle Reply:

    I’m really worried about my health there is this red stuff. I pee a lot, and sometimes when I pee in it? Also I have this wart things. wut should i do?

  7. Mao Reply:

    Diabetes, urinary tract infection, or overactive bladder! Sometimes excessive caffeine intake may cause overactive bladder! You should tell your doctor about it so they can run some tests to see what the diagnosis is!

  8. Burma Reply:

    What does it mean when you pee a lot but you don't drink a lot of stuff or If you' re a man, you could have BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) which is an

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