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What does it mean when your fingers start getting numb?

# Finger paresthesias # Paresthesias # Nerve injury # Diabetic neuropathy # Multiple sclerosis # Cervical spondylosis, Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Patrice Reply:

    What Does it Mean When Yours Fingers Are Numb & Tingly? People can get a tingling feeling in their feet for a number of reasons, including sitting in one spot Detail:

  2. Dee Reply:

    If it is your pinky and your ring finger affected: sounds like you could have cubital tunnel I just got the same thing but it started at the same time I started taking And mine also moved to the three fingers, with the baby finger being more numb. . My finger has been asleep for days, what does this mean?

  3. Lavada Reply:

    If you’ve been sitting down for a while your blood flow is just bad. Same if were just walking around or doing whatever you do. Poor circulation should be checked out by a doctor because it could lead to other things. It is cold outside to … More:

  4. Richelle Reply:

    bite them More:

  5. Miriam Reply:


  6. Ching Reply:

    My pinkie & ring fingers were numb and now both thumbs are numb…what is going on?

  7. Marylynn Reply:

    Sounds like a pinched nerve maybe, but I would definitely see a doctor about those symptoms first! I had similar symptoms with a pinched nerve in my neck, and it took almost a year for it to clear up (it wasnt constant pain – it ocurred during specific events)!

  8. Shan Reply:

    I have 3 numb fingers on my left hand what does this mean? Improve course the most obviuos is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) if you mean your first 3 fingers and not your little finger. How do you get rid of nodules after carpel tunnel release? If you don't want to connect accounts, you can start a new one from scratch.

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