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What does it mean when your urine smells really weird?

Taking Vitamin B6 supplements, eating asparagus, Diabetes, cystitis, & kidney stones are some reasons why your urine can smell! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Julieann Reply:

    In some cases, a stronger urine smell could mean a sick cat, so if you find the smell has gotten increasingly odorous, It is possible to prevent the noticeable ammonia smell of your cat's urine. Why Does a Cat's Breath Smell So Bad? Detail:

  2. Libby Reply:

    Sep 20, 2010 My urine has a bad odour, especially first thing in the morning but sometimes during What does high protein in urine mean? Urine normally has a strong smell first thing in the morning, as at this time it is very concentrated.

  3. Faith Reply:

    It is not uncommon during pregnancy for the urine to turn darker or have an odd odor to it. Drink plenty of water! More:'s-urine-smell-weird

  4. Vinnie Reply:

    the only reason your urine stinks is because all of that bacteria and fat is coming out when you pee and fart More:

  5. Yan Reply:

    Probably just an infection. Get a urine routine test done. If you do have an infection, get antibiotics. And yeah..drink lots of water…like 2/3 liters a day. That should clear it up. More:

  6. Cyndi Reply:

    My oven smells like urine when still smells, could it be electrical wires cooking, I cleaned it but it burning? I bought the oven brand new 3 1/2 years ago. Functionally it wo

  7. Piper Reply:

    well now that itsa while after your period, its a good time for a real test with a good $15 one! some come with two tests which might be smart to hold on 2 for later on! try your best to buy a test and take it and throw it somewhere in a public bathroom trash can or something, so its away from your house! it can be your nerves, but its always best to be sure! just relax and if anything your friends can always buy you a test! shoot i did that for my friends a lot of times!!!! i just dont care! lol! my friends are nervous for things like that, but i grew up with a stronger mindstate i guess! everyone willl judge but who are they to affect your health?? nobody! get your test and get a piece of mind!

  8. Domenica Reply:

    doesn't all urine smell bad? Why does Depakote make your urine smell really bad? I do not know about the urine butt it destroyed my stomach i threw up for a

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