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What happens if you don’t take your insulin?

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  1. Crystal Reply:

    Type two insulin resistant. I stopped taking my long insulin. About ten days ago, I consume infer 25 carbs a day. Was told if no carbs take no insulin.

    I am waking up with acid reflux. This is the second time being woken up.
    I normally have no problem with reflux. My blood sugars are 14

    Any idea why the reflux ?

  2. Pamela Reply:

    The doctors don’t care all they want is money, and I don’t have that. I couldn’t get any samples. And don’t ever take insulin if you are not a diabetic

  3. Pamela Reply:

    maybe that’s not the question, what should a person do
    when the insulin is to costly to buy because you had insurance and then without notice was put on Medicare and now she can’t get insulin without paying 1200 hundred dollars and you don’ even make that on disaby

  4. Shaquita Reply:

    Knowing what to do for an insulin overdose can mean the difference between life and death for You take your shots as always, but fail to eat at the appropriate time. They should call 911 if your symptoms don't improve within one hour. Detail:

  5. Grace Reply:

    what happens if i don’t take those nasty insulin shots and just keep my That way you are getting the insulin your body needs, but you don’t

  6. Reagan Reply:

    Insulin Insulin serves an important purpose in the body. When food is consumed, carbohydrates are converted into glucose, and put into the bloodstream to provide energy to the body. When insulin is released by the pancreas, it attaches to t… More:

  7. Alissa Reply:

    When you don’t eat your body going into starvation mode, you start to lose weight very quickly and over a long period of time you will most probably become quite ill. Its never advisable to not eat, starving your body of vital nutrients is … More:'t_eat

  8. Terri Reply:

    Diabetes is a condition in which your body does not produce enough insulin or your cells do not utilize the insulin properly. Insulin is vital to the body’s function, but too much insulin can be dangerous. More:

  9. Angeles Reply:

    Dear Diabetic Freind !Dont you need a basal insulin such Lantus when you use a insulin pump? If yes why ?

  10. Melania Reply:


  11. Dortha Reply:

    What happens if you take insulin but don't have diabetes? if your blood glucose was already low or normal, you can get hypoglycemic and have symptoms of it.

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