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What is the Definition of Net Carb

You may have such questions as How Do You Calculate a Net Carb and What Is A Net Carb,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Are Net Carbs Calculated. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Net Carb Calculator,too. Read more as following:

The definition of net carbs would be the amount of total carbohydrates minus the amount of fiber. When you subtract the fiber from the total carbs, you would have net carbs. The lower the net carbs the less your blood sugar will rise.

How do You Calculate Net Carbs?

To calculate the total net carbs take the total number of carbs in the serving you are having and subtract the total number of fiber grams and sugar alcolol in the serving. The result will be the net amount of carbs in that serving.... More »

What is a Net Carb?

Net Carbs are those carbs that are left when fiber, glycerin, alcohol sugars, and polydextroses are subtracted. These are the carbs that are ready available for the body to use.... More »

How to calculate net carbs?

1. If you are American or Canadian, subtract the grams of fiber from the total carbohydrate count of the food item. Ex. Total Carbs 4g minus Fiber 2g = 2 grams net carbs. If you don't know the total carbohydrate or fiber count, you can look these up... More »

What is Net Carbs?

Net carbs is what they figure the carb count to be after they subtract the fiber from the total carbs. The body passes fiber through with little digestion so those carbs are often not absorbed by the body.... More »

What are Net Carbs?

Net carbs is a term that is used by low carbohydrate dieters. Net carbs are the amount of total carbohydrates minus the grams of sugar alcohols and grams of fiber. ... More »

How do You Figure Net Carbs?

To figure out your net carbs you need to start keeping a diet journal or use an online resource that allows you to enter and track your dietary information. At every meal you should record how many carbs you consume, this can be done by looking at th... More »


  1. Shelly Reply:

    I’ve been using Isopure (Protein Isolate) and Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate(Pre-workout supp), and have Actually built allot of muscle in a very short time, but for some reason it doesn’t cut nicely, its just big. What supplements should i use to cut muscle??? Or what should i do???

  2. Halfdarainbow Reply:

    If something says on the box 13 carbs but then has 3 net carbs which does the diabetic person go by??

  3. Nicole Bedner Reply:

    I am 165 and i need to bulk up i don’t really want to go for the whole getting huge thing with muscles bigger than my head. Im looking to probably drop 10 pounds get toned and defined. What exercies and supplments would be good to use?
    thanks for ny responses

  4. Tonnar Reply:

    I’m 5’4 and 23 years old – in good health just need to get the weight off. I love diet coke, junk food and fast food, what should I be eating instead??? I would like to lose alllll the weight by Feb 20th…

  5. Ada Apa Reply:

    I take NO shotgun and i just want to know how much creatine there is in a containter of NO Shotgun, or how much creatine per scoop of Shotgun….what ever information you can give me will help..thanks

  6. Virendra Reply:

    I’m looking for a smoothie recipe that will be Atkins diet approved. Any ideas?

  7. Omar Reply:

    I’ve been looking up cars and I see that come up every once in awhile so I was wondering what it does exactly. I looked it up on the net but i couldn’t find any real explanation/definition.

  8. Anthony N Reply:

    How do women bodybuilders eat and exercise?

  9. Kenneth Gomez Reply:

    someone just gave me their ab lounge because they were too lazy to use it. i’m really determined to get the abs i used to have, back. i just would like to know how long and often to use this thing?

  10. Aslfuh Reply:

    I’m 15, 168 lbs., and 5′ 9″. I have some definition of my abs, but not that much. How do I chisel them out?

  11. Ketchup And Bacon Reply:

    Okay I am pretty stong, I can lift more than a lot of people I know but I dont have the same definition as some people who lift less than I do? How can I get more definition in my arms, chest, and abs?

  12. Artificialdragon Reply:

    If grapefruit is said to have zero net calories does that mean I can drink 100% no sugar added grapefruit juice all day without worrying about calories? Do I need to track them like the rest of my calories?

  13. Elizabeth Reply:

    I am a Type II diabetic. I am told to ‘limit the number of carbohydrates” I take in every day. If I see a food item that has, for example, 16 grams of carbohydrates but only 8 grams “net carbs”, which number should I go by?

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