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What organ is affected due to diabetes?

These organs are likely to be affected by diabetes the eyes, the heart, the kidneys, the feet, the nerves, and the reproductive system! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jennell Reply:

    What Organs Are Affected by Diabetes? Nerves. Nerve damage due to diabetes is called diabetic neuropathy; this can occur in any part of the nervous system, Detail:

  2. Sonia Reply:

    Nov 13, 2009 How Does Diabetes Affect Organs? endings in the eyes are affected or damaged due to the diabetes and uncontrolled blood glucose levels.

  3. Rashida Reply:

    In the pancreas, a leaf-shaped organ near the duodenoum, there are special cells called the Islets of Langherhans, of which there are 4 types, the A cells secrete a hormone Glucagon which raises the blood glucose level . The B cells produce… More:

  4. Tam Reply:

    Diabetes can affect many organs of the body. The heart, brain, nervous system, blood vessels and kidneys are more prone to damage because they become directly exposed to the high glucose levels. More:

  5. Goldie Reply:

    The main organ affected by diabetes is the kidneys. This is a progressive disease. Over a period of time the heart, pancreas and liver can develop problems. More:

  6. Belle Reply:

    Organ systems are affected by down’t find the answer to this syndrome? I have a biology project help. I have to research a on Down syndrome and I genetic disease and I can que

  7. Sarah Reply:

    it could lead to high blood pressure and other related complications!it hardens the arteries!could result in hert failure and attack!your kidneys shut downif you do not exersice the fat builds up around your kidneys and lung cause breathing to beome laboured and the heart to ache when taking big breaths!all this information was taken from : A book from my local library

  8. Terra Reply:

    Diabetes affects the entire body. Diabetics are also much more likely to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The pancreas is the organ that makes

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