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When you are on your period why does it feel like you have to pee?

It appears to be a normal symptom, but just in case you may want to consult your physician and get tested for diabetes! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elizabeth Reply:

    Its sound normal. It happens to me too.

  2. Lasonya Reply:

    Below are the most common symptoms to look for to determine whether you are or are not pregnant. Women Do you feel sick? Nausea, with Are you getting up more often in the middle of the night to urinate? This may If negative and you still have not had your period in a week, take another test! You May Also Like Detail:

  3. Jerrica Reply:

    I still feel like that. I’m 13 years old, I’m not But UTIs can be serious, especially if it reaches your kidneys. If you always feel like you need to pee and if it burns, you should probably see a doctor. In the mean time, . Um .. do i have my period ?

  4. Bethany Reply:

    Urine comes from the inside of one’s body, which has a normal temperature of about 97 degrees Farenheit. The heat is transferred to all parts of the body, including the bladder. The bladder stores urine and so warms it. More:

  5. Kathie Reply:

    like nothing…. More:

  6. Irmgard Reply:

    Well, if you experince this alot .. contact a GP it could possibly be serious ! If you dont get it alot … (sick & and pee) Well its just the effects your body makes because this is a big change for your body so if its on and off give it t… More:

  7. Ozella Reply:

    Could you please answer when i pee i have a burning every 5 minutes yet it sensation ,b4 and after peeing .i feel i need to pee only comes out very little at a time.i have’nt

  8. Shondra Reply:

    I am unaware of the scientific reason why when women menstruate we have the urge to urinate more frequently! I do know that uterine (as in the uterus) contractions can cause more frequent bowel movements, so perhaps they also cause bladder contractions that make you feel that urge more than normal!The pain you mention concerns me! It shouldnt hurt when you urinate and this is something you really should see an OBGYN or female urologist about (preferably not this doctor you mention in your question)! To address your last point, it sounds like you need a new doctor! 15 is in no way too young to take birth control, especially because you are using it for menstruation control! Some doctors may be reluctant to give it to you because they believe it encourages minors to engage in sexual activity! You need to find a physician that is not so close minded! By the way, you can get birth control now without parental permission so keep that in mind!

  9. Reynalda Reply:

    Do you urinate more when on your period? Improve When the uterus enlarges it can put pressure on the bladder, making you feel like you need to pee more.

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