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Why do fat people smell bad?

Many obese people have diabetes; diabetes can cause excessive body odor! Maybe that’s why fat people stink! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jill Reply:

    Hi how are you?

  2. Jill Reply:

    Yeah it’s true I smell bad and I’m mean why is that? Can you help me my husbands small dick won’t fit my fat ass?

  3. Chrystal Reply:

    Body odor can be an issue for many individuals but especially for those who are overweight. there is an increased possibility for bacteria growth in overweight people. apple cider vinegar and wipe down areas of the body that contain bad odor. internal health can affect the smell of the sweat released from your pores. Detail:

  4. Ellen Reply:

    I don’t really mean this in an ugly way but I see a lot of overweight patients who have poor mobility. Poor mobility means they can’t physically wash themselves properly.

  5. Laureen Reply:

    Trans fat pose a higher risk of heart disease. It can also clog your arteries. Trans fat raise total cholesterol levels and they deplete good cholesterol. More:

  6. Anjelica Reply:

    Nick-named "frankenfats", trans fats are molecularly altered fats that the body does not recognize as a legitimate food source. Trans fats have been linked to heart disease. For more information look here:… More:

  7. Marvis Reply:

    Too much fat can be bad for you, if it’s the wrong kind of fat, and if it exceeds what your daily allowance should be. Too much saturated fat can cause weight gain, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure and diabetes, to name a few. Y… More:

  8. Deeann Reply:

    why do fat people smell bad old people usually have AND?!? i was at the shops huge fat person there on today and there was a a moterised scooter thing that HE STUNK BADD MANN!

  9. Brigid Reply:

    Well people may think im wrong for answering this question but everyone has a right to an answer! So here it is larger people tend to smell more than others due to the fact that since they are larger they produce more heat which also produces more sweat! Some of the larger ones may not be able to maintain a great state of hygene since some have folds of skin that may not always get soap and a rinse when in the shower! So basicly the larger state produces more heat which mean more sweat and not always being able to reach every spot on their body as well depending upon what people eat the smell can seep out thru their pores for example true italin people eat lots of garlic so they smell more like garlic from eating large quanities and it seeping thru their pores! If any of that makes sense than I guess I helped and hope it didnt come across as rude just semi-educational and that it answered your question!

  10. Merrilee Reply:

    one. Do old people smell bad? in most cases it's an odour on the skin of older people. they emit part of an essential fatty acid Omega 7, which decays on the skin

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