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Why do girls pee alot?

Many girls pee often because they are drinking a lot of fluids! It can also be an indicator of diabetes! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gaby Reply:

    My pee is not even yellow it ligth green wat does dat mean

  2. Marshall Reply:

    Women experience pregnancy symptoms at different times and in differing degrees. If you are Does the smell of something you normally enjoy turn your stomach (i.e., frying meat or scrambled eggs)? 6. Are you getting up more often in the middle of the night to urinate? This may Or they want a lot of one kinds of thing. Detail:

  3. Ramonita Reply:

    I think right now I’m peeing so much because the baby is pushing on my bladder. Why do I have to go to the bathroom so often? You may have

  4. Fernanda Reply:

    Choose the right girl. In order to get a girl to like you alot you have to be pretty picky about which girl you start going after. Although you might want the head of the cheerleader squad to fall for you. With a little thought you can find… More:

  5. Tamisha Reply:

    maybe pregnancy take a test if neg. go to ur doctor.. More:

  6. Travis Reply:

    Overactive bladder is also referred to as urge incontinence and is a form of urinary incontinence (unintentional loss of urine) More:

  7. Lavinia Reply:

    why do pregnant girls pee alot peeing alot more here lately? what makes them pee alot what? ? i am just curious as? does the bladder shrink or to why i have been!! yes, i am p

  8. Azzie Reply:

    I think right now Im peeing so much because the baby is pushing on my bladder!Why do I have to go to the bathroom so often??You may have noticed a more frequent need to pee even before you realized you were pregnant! In fact, its one of the most common early signs of pregnancy, starting about six weeks into your first trimester!Why do you suddenly need to go all the time?? Its mostly because the amount of blood in your body increases dramatically when you get pregnant, which leads to a lot of extra fluid getting processed through your kidneys and ending up in your bladder! Eventually, you may also feel pressure on your bladder from your growing uterus!You may notice that you need to get up to pee more often during the night in particular! Thats because when you lie down, some of the fluid that you retained in your legs and feet during the day makes its way back into your bloodstream and eventually into your bladder!http://www!babycenter!com/0_frequent-urination-during-pregnancy_237!bc

  9. Sharron Reply:

    If you are pregnant, the symptoms would not be showing yet. They usually You could have a bladder infection some women get them after having sex. You had sex a week ago and you have to pee a lot Could you be pregnant? Maybe

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