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Why do my eyes go blurry after I eat?

Blurred vision after eating can be caused by retinopathy or diabetes! To be safe, see your doctor for testing! again soon! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. January Reply:

    Some habits or conditions can cause fuzzy eyes, including high cholesterol or blood It is important to eat antioxidant-rich foods to maintain your eye health, and avoid and wiping the eye gently can get rid of whatever is causing the irritation. Rinsing the eye will help flush out any debris and loosen any mucus that Detail:

  2. Alice Reply:

    when i eat bad carbs like pizza or pasta, my eyes feel, not blurry but Anything from a restaurant or from a box will get the symptoms going.

  3. Maritza Reply:

    Eye allergies or having something in your eye are common causes of blurred vision. Eye drops may help if this is the case. More:

  4. Marinda Reply:

    With this meal you’ll first want to heat up the rice since it’ll retain heat longer while you’re working on the other steps. Just microwave your rice according to directions and set aside while you prepare the rest of your meal. If you buy … More:

  5. Celine Reply:

    Check that the chlone setting is not too high. More:

  6. Delcie Reply:

    my eyes are going me problems..They are burning,blurry vision, eyes are so heavy all low and heavy to the the time? Everyday my eyes look so point I look like Im sleep. My vis

  7. Nancee Reply:

    Sounds to my like you are saying after you lie down for a while and then get up you can not see well or not at all for a short time, sometimes accompanied with headache, pounding in the head!My bet would be LOW blood pressure that takes a moment to stabilize when you stand! Do you ever feel dizzy or light headed when you have vision problems!Your MD can do a simple test comparing resting and rising blood pressure!This is a common symptom during a growth spurt! Slightly more common in girls!

  8. Ethelene Reply:

    added When you look in someone else's glasses why is it so blurry to Eyes and Vision Disorders 8 . You have to eat plenty of greens,. Why do eyes get red after smoking? I try my best to keep my hands away from my eyes as much as.

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