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Why do you sweat when you sleep?

Simple perspiration is your body’s way of cooling itself to regulate its internal temperature night or day! Thanks! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Codi Reply:

    However, when you sweat, you are not necessarily losing body fat. body is trying to cool itself off, you may burn more calories than you would if you weren't sweating. Your body burns fat while you sleep no matter how fit or unfit you are. Detail:

  2. Carolina Reply:

    Not medical advice: Night sweats may occur for genetic reasons and may be relatively harmless.

  3. Gina Reply:

    using erection pills in long term usage does it harm your organs?? More:

  4. Arla Reply:

    Possibly you are using too many covers or the room is too warm. More:

  5. Aleisha Reply:

    Some folks just sweat more than others. Night sweats can be caused by menopause, or can be caused by medications that you are taking. If you think it’s extreme, go see a doctor. More:

  6. Yuko Reply:

    If I Go Too Sleep With My Sweat Pant’s and Sweat Shirt on will With My Sweat Pants and I Loose Weight ? If I Go Too Sleep Sweat Shirt on, Under a Very Big cover. Will I be abl

  7. Neda Reply:

    I used to get night sweats, but I dont really know why! It was during the Springtime though, and by summer I had a tooth that I found out was infected, so it could have been that! You should go to a doctor just in case because I heard that its not good to have night sweats, its your body trying to fight something off! Like breaking a cold brings on night sweats and you feel better usually! I havent had any night sweats since Ive been on antibiotics too and waiting to get the tooth pulled! Even though its winter and I sleep with a heater, I may wake up so hot that i have to wear boxers to bed but then Im fine! I dont sweat in my sleep anymore, so I think it means something bigger!

  8. Sarai Reply:

    Do you sweat when you sleep? Yes You sweat alot. Why do you sweat when you sleep? Mostly this can be a result of menopause. Why do you sweat during

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