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Can You Eat too Many Sunflower Seeds

You may have similar questions as Are Sunflower Seeds Good for You and Are Sunflower Seeds Healthy,or you may also seek several useful information about Are Sunflower Seeds Bad for You. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Benefits of Eating Sunflower Seeds,too. Read more as following:

It is possible that one can eat too many sunflower seeds but it is difficult. If you do eat too many it can damage your nervous system. Sunflower seeds are not only a good source of nutrition but they taste so good.

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Are Sunflower Seeds Good for You?

Sunflower seeds are good for you and are great for a healthy snack. They provide protein, vitamin E, minerals, fiber and have healthy fats. For more information visit … More »

Are sunflower seeds healthy?

Yes! Sunflower seeds provide significant amounts of magnesium, selenium, and vitamin E! Vitamin E can also help prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetic problems. Like all things, however, eating too much can be bad. Sunflower seeds tend to be re… More »

Are sunflower seeds bad for you?

You may be concerned about the effects of eating the shells. The shells are mostly fiber, and the light coating of salt does make them tasty; however, eating the shells can cause damage to your intestines if they are not chewed up completely. You can… More »

Is sunflower seeds fattening?

Sunflower seeds are not normally fattening, yet if you buy them in a bag, like David Sunflower Seeds, there is salt on them that can cause body fat…. More »

What are the dangers of eating too many sunflower seeds?

Eating too much of anything, sunflower seeds included, can lead to eating too many calories. According to the University of Wisconsin Health Sciences, 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds is 375 calories. Salted sunflower seeds contain a lot of sodium, which c… More »

Are sunflower seeds a healthy snack?

its only healthy snack only if you consume adequate amount anything in access will be harmful to your body since what ever you take in has to be processed by your consume moderately its the best way for everything…. More »

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  1. Brianna Henson says:

    I really want to lose some pounds fast. So, I was going to eat sunflower seeds and drink like Gatorade and water maybe some Capri suns. How fast would I loss weight? Would that work fast?

  2. Haley says:

    If its really hot outside like people in the desert or playing baseball why eat sunflower seeds? Don’t they have salt on them that makes you thirsty?

  3. Amoure says:

    Usually when I’ve been eating sunflower seeds for about half an hour, or about a cup or so, the tip of my nose gets really itchy. Could it be an allergy?

  4. Amber says:

    I’m planning on getting my tongue pierced next week; I love eating sunflower seeds and I just wanted to know if I would still be able to eat them or if its advised that I don’t.

  5. Jarrred says:

    how do you eat sunflower seeds? do you chew them whole? do you suck and crack them open and eat the kernal and spit the rest out?

    I just bought a bag and am confused!

  6. Invisible says:

    I’m too lazy to eat sunflower seeds but they are so tasty! Is there really a correct process that you must master to eat these things easily? And if so what on earth is it?!

  7. Princesssmokey says:

    I love sunflower seeds, and eat them regularly.Now I know the salt content of these can leave me dehydrated so of course I drink water regularly, but I was just wondering. Are there any good (or any bad) health benefits from eating sunflower seeds?

  8. Raprap says:

    Can I eat sunflower seeds with my braces? I’m getting them off in 2 weeks and I’m currently getting used to wearing H4 elastics. Will it change my teeth at all or undo my appliance?

  9. Rebekah says:

    how do you eat sunflower seeds? do you chew them whole? do you suck and crack them open and eat the kernal and spit the rest out? Just curious.

  10. Guppymelons says:

    I love eating sunflower seeds, but my tongue and lips get all sore and cut up. If I just keep eating sunflower seeds will my mouth get used to it and stop cutting up?

  11. You Jelly says:

    I am addicted to eating sunflower seeds. ( the ones with the shell but i dont eat the shell) I was just curious if it is bad to eat them everyday? I eat one bad a day atleast 5 to 6 days a week.

  12. Aadilah says:

    I have a strange habit of over eating sunflower seeds and guzzling orange juice and wonder if this is bad.

  13. Kwame says:

    I love eating sunflower seeds, but sometimes I end up eating part of the shell. Is this bad for me?

  14. Kelsey Peyton says:

    Because once my friend was at my house i started eating sunflower seeds and she was like WHY ARE YOU EATING BIRD SEEDS!? The country where my parents were from it’s super common to eat sunflower seeds. Do all americans think it’s strange or is my friend stupid?

  15. Obamao says:

    i eat sunflowers seeds with the shell on. Is this dangerous or something? my dad keeps telling me not to eat them and just spit out the shells, but i like them this way!

  16. Beckers says:

    my boyfriend wont stop eating sunflower seeds when we have sex!!!!!!!!!!!!, its pretty gross and i cant take it anymore!!!! how can i make him stop?

  17. Cassie says:

    thanks a lot

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