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How does Junk Food Affect Your Body

You may have such questions as How Does Junk Food Affect Your Body and How Does Junk Food Affect The Human Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Can Junk Food Affect Human Bodies. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Affects of Eating to Much Junk Food,too. Read more as following:

Junk food can affect your body by making you become overweight. Too much junk food can affect how much you weigh. Be careful to not eat too much junk food so that you remain healthy.

How does Junk Food Affect Your Body?

Junk food usually comes filled with sugar or carbohydrates that will later turn into sugar. They tend to make you feel good for a short while but follow up with a serious crash, leaving you feeling sluggish.... More »

How does junk food affect the human body?

There are many ways how junk food can affect our system whether that is short/long term. I'll discuss the short term affects first and then the long term consequences! On a short term viewpoint, you will feel tired or drowsy because of the non-suffic... More »

How can junk food affect human bodies?

When you eat too much junk food, the extra fat that your body intakes is stored. This extra fat causes fatty deposits to form in blood vessels, making it harder for blood to flow. This then causes the heart to have to pump blood harder, putting stres... More »

What does Junk Food do to Your Body?

Junk food does lots of yucky things to your body. First is causes your arteries to clog up not to mention the extra baggage it puts on the outside of your body. It is not very nutritious so if you eat a lot of junk food your are actually going to be... More »

How does junk food affect health?

What is Junk Food? Junk food isn't just greasy burgers from fast food restaurants. Junk food includes overly salty. foods. such as potato chips and pork rinds. Foods loaded with sugar such as packaged cupcakes and candies are also junk food. Foods th... More »

How is junk food affecting people?

by making them keep on wanting to eat more and more.Then people end up being fat... or overweight.... More »


  1. Lucas Reply:

    Are some people immune to the ill effects of junk food? Or do you have to eat a certain amount in order to feel symptoms? Please explain, I really don’t understand the effects of junk food on the body.

  2. Keanu Reply:

    What about dark veggies and meat and things, I know a lot of kids at school who just eat junk food. Is this affecting their future health? If so, how?

  3. Cetacea Reply:

    imagine i had a six pack if i ate junk food can i burn it off after by playing sports or do some running and it wont affect my six pack? or like some abs?
    would fat still be on my body from junk food even tho i burn it off?

  4. Xxsnakegirlxx Reply:

    Every now and then i have an urge to eat something, tends to be junk food and once i start eating i don’t stop. What foods can i eat in large amounts that won’t affect my body weight? Preferably, what can i eat excessively to reduce my body weight?

  5. Ari Picton Reply:

    Junk food and soda taste good but the after affects don’t make me feel well. After affects like nausea, bloating, and my face breaks out. And, it’s all addicting, too.

  6. Hooch Reply:

    I have to write a speech and I need to know how junk food effects your body. Anything that can help is great!

  7. Kevin Reply:

    Also, what foods should I be eating? Does junk food really affect how well you do?

  8. Distorted Reply:

    I want to cut out junk food for a while because I’d like to see how it affects my health, basically not eating any packaged foods or anything that involves processing. Will my body eventually stop craving junk food after a while? What are the benefits?

    Thanks :)

  9. Bryce Reply:

    I love junk food so much. But I know it affects your entire body, even read some articles online how it increases blindness and poor eyesight if you eat it a lot. Its just so hard making the switch.

  10. I <3 My Dogs! Reply:

    like i weigh 120, im trying to gain weight, im trying to get 6 pack (can see the top 4) i drink protein shake, and eat junk food, does the junk food affect how my body looks even though im working out?

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