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How Many Eggs can You Eat in a Week

You may have such questions as Are Eggs Good for You and How Many Eggs Should Adults Eat Each Week,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Many Eggs Is It Safe to Eat in One Week. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Egg Nutritional Value,too. Read more as following:

The number constantly changes it seems, but the current number of eggs recommended per week is 7.8. Eggs are low in calories but have a good amount of cholesterol.

Are Eggs Good for You?

There is alot of controversy of whether eggs are good for you. Eggs can be good for you if you would eat them in moderation. They do have cholesterol in them, but that is in the yolk and that is now known as good cholesterol. The white of the egg is... More »

How many eggs should adults eat each week?

An adult can eat 1 egg every day, but consulting a nutritionist if you have any health issues would be advisable.... More »

How many eggs is it safe to eat in one week?

Recommendations vary, but three to seven eggs per week is fine for healthy people. People who already have heart disease or diabetes ''need to be more careful," said Dr. Walter Willett, chairman of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of... More »

What nutrients are in eggs?

The egg white is a high-protein, low-fat food with virtually no cholesterol. It also conta...... More »

How many eggs can I eat per day?

Eggs get a pretty bad rap, but they really are full of good stuff... B vitamins, Lecithin, Cysteine. If you have bad heart disease in your family, I would limit myself to two a day. Otherwise I wouldn't worry. "Two a day is OK" is what the egg counci... More »

How Many Eggs can You Eat in a Week?

There is not a set amount of eggs that one should or should not eat. Eggs are a great source of protein. If you eat a lot of eggs, it is best to stick with just the egg whites. The egg yolk contains cholesterol and should be kept to a minimum.... More »


  1. Guppymelons Reply:

    I read eggs contain alot of cholesterol. It is healthy to eat 1 per day everyday or should cut down the amt of eggs eaten?
    What is the best amt of eggs to consume in a given week or month?

  2. Charlotte Reply:

    I want to be healthy but i dont know what constitutes as a balanced diet. Could you help me out?
    I know 5 peices of veg and fruit a day but i dont know how much fish i should eat per week, how much rice, pasta,potatoes, dairy.

  3. Ato M Reply:

    Ok so I’m 14 male and I love chicken eggs I eat about 8 twice a week is this dangerous? And I like my eggs runny.

  4. Kia Z Z Reply:

    I love omelette’s usually a 3 egg one, i eat these 2-3 times a week is that to many eggs?

  5. Lelanie Reply:

    Is 2 eggs 3 times a week okay? Too much? Too little? I usually hard boil them and cut them up and put them in with a spinach salad.

  6. Nddork=] Reply:

    I boiled 5 eggs to eat the rest of the work week. Do they keep all 5 days after being boiled and immediately refrigerated?

  7. Moshey Reply:

    Hi, I’m currently weight lifting and would like to gain some weight, also I love eating eggs but I’m afraid of their cholesterol. How many eggs is safe to eat per day? How many eggs can I eat total per week?

  8. Lindsey Reply:

    How many eggs are safe to eat per day or week?

    I am moving and have 9 eggs. I dont want to throw them out. How many can I safely eat them? Would it be safe to eat all 9 in 1 day, or boil them, but eat only the white part and throw away the yellow cholesterol part?

  9. Shorti_27858 Reply:

    I tossed out a carton of eggs today, because the expiration date said Jan. 27. My dimwitted father got angry at me, saying that eggs never expire? I on the other didn’t think so. Who’s actually correct here? Can eggs be eaten after they expire?

  10. Bobbi Deena Reply:

    I’ve heard eggs are a good, healthy breakfast, but I’ve also heard too many can be bad for you.
    How many is it healthy to eat a week, maximum?

  11. Cone Reply:

    my mother told me i should eat 2 eggs per week max. Why?is that true?

  12. Jackie Reply:

    How many eggs should I eat per a week? Are eggs bad for you?
    normal eggs not choclate eggs

  13. Funnymonkey123 Reply:

    How much hen egg i can eat in a week and to don’t get over limit?
    I don’t have problems with cholesterol and i don’t eat from Fast Food or food with a lot of fat (maybe just ocassional).

  14. Anna Reply:

    I don’t eat meat at all and rarely eat fish (maybe once or twice a month). I have about a glass of milk everyday as well. How many eggs should I eat per week? I love eggs and currently eat one per day. Is it ok?

  15. Randi Reply:

    180 pounds, female, 5’7″, 14/15 y/o.

    How many eggs can I eat in a week? I know that varies with weight, height etc.

    Also, how many eggs can I have in one single day?
    Can eating too many eggs cause a cholesterol problem?

  16. Christine W Reply:

    I want to increase my protein but I have no idea how much egg (without yolk) can be eaten a week. So how much eggs can I consume with the yolks removed? Anyone also have any idea what to do with the yolks to prevent wastage by throwing them away?

  17. Psp Reply:

    I like eating eggs.I don’t know it’s effects.What is the highest number of eggs a human being should eat per week.

  18. Arch Angel Reply:

    Im 15 years old and I weigh 100 pounds I want to gain at least 10 pounds. How many boiled eggs should I eat per week? And does peanut butter with nuts help gain weight too?

  19. Brittany W Reply:

    I am 14 and i am tring to tighten my stomach and upper chest. When i eat eggs i usually make them over hard. How many eggs should i eat a week?

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