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How Much Protein is in Spinach

You may have such questions as How Much Protein In Spinach and Why Did Popeye Eat Spinach,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Many Protein Are In A Spinach. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Creamed Spinach Recipe,too. Read more as following:

The amount of protein in spinach varies in the amount that is eaten. One cup of raw spinach contains approximately 0.86 grams of protein, 7 calories and 0.7 grams of fiber.

How much protein in spinach?

Spinach contains approximately 2.86% protein per 100 grams of raw spinach.... More »

Why did Popeye eat spinach?

< Short answer : he eats its for Vitamin A content and not Iron > Interesting - There has been a lot of speculation as to why Popeye eats Spinach . He might have well eaten broccoli,sprouts,cabbage or any other vegetable, Why Spinach ? It is... More »

How many protein are in a spinach?

probably won't help but there are 12 chromosomes.... sorry... More »

How much protein is in a cup of spinach?

30 grams.... More »

How many grams of protein in 1 pound of spinach?

According to the. USDA National Nutrient data base, spinach contains. 2.86 g of protein per 100 g. Since one pound is 454 g there are 2.86 * 4.54 = 13 g of protein in a pound of spinach.... More »

What has more protein, spinach broccoli or a steak?

Spinach has 5gms of protein per a cup. Broccoli has 4gms per a cup...... More »


  1. Lulu Reply:

    I need a vegetarian protein diet weight loss menu. What should I eat in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

  2. Miss Nikki Reply:

    What if you had a spinach based diet? If you drank grounded spinach, and all three meals were spinach? What diseases would you get? How malnourished would you be? And other effects?

  3. Rachael Reply:

    I am indian and in indian dals(pulses) are must and are best source of protein. But I don’t like them and want to know what is the best source of protein for me. I am a teenager and I think I need protein very much. Please also take into consideration the price and availability of the food.

  4. Alvi Galindo Reply:

    I want to byuld muscle but i want to do it the full natural way with out protein supplyment products. I realize this will take longer before i see results but pls answer if you know of any food and drinks that i could take that would nearly match a protein shake.

  5. Cancerette Reply:

    I’m new to the Vegetarian lifestyle. Are protein supplements enough or do I need something else or something more?

  6. Liveitup Reply:

    I was just wondering how vegetarians get protein when they don’t get meat. Are there are foods that contain protein? Would protein shakes be enough protein?

  7. I Dont Want To Dance.sincerely Gavin Reply:

    My chemistry teacher told me years ago that due to the oxalate in spinach, you can get kidney stones from eating too much. I can imagine that you’d have to eat a lot of spinach for this to even happen. Am I wrong?

  8. Inquiringmind Reply:

    I bought protein powder and it says to mix it with water. I find it tastes really gross. How can I make it taste good? Could I add it with milk or would that not go well?

  9. Loran Reply:

    I dont have any protein shakes at my house so is milk ok? What is good to eat and how much of it should I eat? Thanks alot.

  10. Sad Reply:

    Is spinach the best ‘strengthening’ veggie?
    does it contain a lot of iron?
    wat are the pros and cons of consuming it daily?
    Thank you all
    all your answers help me greatly.

  11. Gemma Reply:

    I don’t really understand how protein helps someone burn fat. And, if you have protein shakes plus a semi-regular meal plan throughout the day, is it possible to gain weight?

  12. Kyle Reply:

    Also, how are we able to use cow proteins and cow DNA, or spinach proteins and spinach DNA for the growth and development of our human bodies?

  13. Zirp Reply:

    I’m looking for a way to add some flavor and protein to my spinach salad. Is there a way to make tofu so that it would be a good addition?

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