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What Food Contains Carbohydrates

You may have such questions as What Foods Contain Carbohydrates and What Foods Do Not Contain Carbohydrates,or you may also seek several helpful information about Which Foods Contain Carbohydrates. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to List Foods with Carbohydrates,too. Read more as following:

There are many foods that contain carbohydrates, e.g. any food with sugar as an ingredient contains sugar carbohydrates (cakes, cookies, pies, mountain dew). The foods that a lot of people equate to carbohydrates are the starchy foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta and bread. Fruits and vegetables also contain dietary fiber carbohydrates.

What foods contains carbohydrate's?

mc donalds mc chicken legends BUT NOT HAPPY MEELS! they are to small... More »

What Foods do Not Contain Carbohydrates?

My favorite snack that contains no carbohydrates are Hot Bacon Rinds! Most meats and fish have no carbohydrates as well as some cheeses. The vegetables with no carbohydrates are lettuce, spinach, radishes and another favorite of mine, mushroom.... More »

Which foods contain carbohydrates?

Lots of foods contain carbohydrate. Almost all of the common foods we eat contain carbohydrates. However, the amount of carbohydrates vary. Carbohydrates are in such foods as ice cream, cookies, bread, rolls, buns, pasta, rice, tacos, potato chips/cr... More »

What are three foods that contain carbohydrates?

Pasta, Bread, Ice Cream.... More »

What foods contain simple carbohydrate?

Sugar, corn starch and table syrup.... More »

Which food groups contain carbohydrates?

Grains, fruits and vegetables. For more information about the foods that contain carbohydrate, a list of refined (processed) carbohydrates, a list of the carbohydrate in fruits, and examples of low carbohydrate foods, see the related questions, furth... More »


  1. Beatnikblake Reply:

    I really want to start eating more healthy, so I fell like I need to know which foods contain saturated and trans fat, so I can stay away from them.

  2. Aditiya Reply:

    since Rice contains carbohydrates, and eggs contains protein.. if i eat enough of them and veggies to have enough calories for the day, will i need any other food per se?

    is there any other nurition i need for gaining muscle?

  3. What Reply:

    since Rice contains carbohydrates, and eggs contains protein.. if i eat enough of them and veggies to have enough calories for the day, will i need any other food per se?

    is there any other nurition i need for gaining muscle?

  4. Ga Girl Reply:

    I think I’ll lose more wieght if I eat less carbohydrates. So what kinds of foods contain them, and what to avoid.

  5. Dano Laux Reply:

    What are examples of food that contain
    Could someone give me a couple of foods for each group? Please don’t answer if you are just going to give a website. I would like direct answers please. Thanks.

  6. Ashwin Reply:

    what kind of food contains a lot of glucose ?
    i know sweets do, but what else ?

    im just a bit skinny and need to fatten up!!
    any tips to help me gain weight ?

  7. Kwame Reply:

    I’ve always been curious as to which foods exactly contain good cholesterol. The type of cholesterol (HDL) that will actually lower the cholesterol that is bad for you.

  8. Truman Reply:

    Where can I fnd a list of foods containing the proteins, carbohydrates and fats I need including nutritional information somewhere online?

    Please help me out!


  9. Missi Pollender Reply:

    What food contains carbs and how much should you eat in one day?

  10. Betta Reply:

    I’m on a diet I cant eat
    refined carbohydrates
    and foods containing hydrogenated oil

    i know i can eat

    * Raw fruits
    * Raw or steamed vegetables
    * Brown rice
    * Grilled fish

    What else can i eat
    also cant eat pasteurized dairy
    cant eat sugar either

  11. Jitendra Reply:

    Need suggestions on any meats,veggies,foods that contain complex carbohydrates. I REALLY NEED HELP.

  12. Derpina Reply:

    Ive heard that cheap tinned food contains a high level of carbohydrate ‘filler’ such as wheat, corn, rice
    or even potato, and it gives them a food product they can’t properly digest. So what is the best food to feed them

  13. Ralph Reply:

    Come up with a rule to help you identify foods containing

  14. Tamie Thompson Reply:

    I need an example of foods that contain protein, foods that contain carbohydrates, foods that contain minerals, foods that contain fats, foods that contain sugar, and foods that contain water. Thanks!

  15. Herander Reply:

    I’m going on a diet and have been told the best thing to do is avoid carbohydrates and eat plenty of proteins, what foods contain carbohydrate

  16. Pau = ) Reply:

    What list of foods contains high carbohydrates?
    What list of foods contains low carbohydrates?
    How do I get in my fat-burning zone?

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