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What is a Low Potassium Diet

You may have such questions as What Are The Effects Of Low Potassium and What Foods to Avoid If You Have High Potassium,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are The Symptoms Of Low Potassium. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Foods High in Potassium List,too. Read more as following:

A low potassium diet would consist of eating low potassium foods. Foods that are low in potassium would include peeled apples, canned applesauce, cranberry sauce, grapes, fruit cocktail canned peaches, eggplant, raw peppers, popcorn, green beans and leeks.

What are the Effects of Low Potassium?

The most common effect of having a low potassium level is fatigue and weakness. You many even feel light headed and have trouble standing up and walking.... More »

What Foods To Avoid For High Potassium?

Bananas... More »

What are the Symptoms of Low Potassium?

Some symptoms of low potassium, also known as Hypokalemia, are weakness, tiredness, nausea, constipation, fainting and palpitations. You should always see your doctor if you are having these symptoms.... More »

What Causes Low Potassium?

The causes of low potassium can be as simple as the medication your taking. Diuretics are a major cause of decreased potassium levels. Kidney failure, magnesium deficiency, leukemia, vomiting, excessive laxative use, and diarrhea are other causes as... More »

What are Signs of Low Potassium?

Signs of low potassium may include muscle weakness, dizziness, thirst, confusion, changes in the electrocardiogram, and life-threatening arrhythmias.... More »

What Foods are Low in Potassium?

One of the only reasons you should eat foods low in potassium is if you have Hyperkalemia, where you have too high of levels. Some low level foods are blueberries, grapefruit, cabbage, and some cheeses.... More »


  1. Ewan Reply:

    I recently went to hospital to be treated for low potassium.. they took my potassium level from 1-3 to 4-3.. and prescribed me 30 of the big potassium horse sized pills to take daily.. how long will it take me to get back to 100%? Anyone?

  2. Hibah Reply:

    My potassium is 6.5.

  3. Invisible Reply:

    My mother has a high potassium level and was told to not eat bananas, yams, potatoes, etc. She has a limited diet due to surgery of the mouth and neck (can’t chew/swallow well). Food has to be either cooked to death or ground up. What foods are low in potassium?

  4. Leonardtheredbetta Reply:

    And what is a reason they may need to have a high potassium diet?

  5. Peterson Trevon Reply:

    I need recipes for a 2000mg.potassium per day diet. I especially need dinner recipes with potassium values included. Thank you!

  6. Starry Eyed Reply:

    My father is in the hospital. He’s on a low calorie restricted diet, low potassium, sodium and a low cardiac diet. He just received a bypass for a blood clot from amputated toes. He’s also Diabetic and has arthlosclerosis.

  7. Mahdi Reply:

    My nan had a fall recently and broke her hip. She is bening released from hospital today, but staff have stated that she has low potassium levels. What would the effect be on someone in their 80’s?

  8. Logan Reply:

    I need to know what to keep in mind in serving or making a low potassium meal or diet. tnx

  9. Adriana Hernandez Reply:

    My dads birthday is tommorow and i was planning on making him angel food cake but i cant find the pan. We have a betty crocker super moist white cake mix. The label reads that there is 3500mg of potassium in a 2000 calorie diet. Is this too much since he is on a low potassium diet?

  10. Sphynx Lover Reply:

    I need to know what to keep in mind in serving or making a low potassium meal or diet. tnx

  11. Lilly Calla Reply:

    I am trying to cook for a very elderly relative who needs a very low potassium and phosphorus diet as there is virtually no kidney function. Any suggestions for a source for a cookbook or detailed menu?

  12. Jx2_11 Reply:

    I just posted a question about my husband needing a low potassium diet due to hyperkalemia. Someone was kind enough to answer me but I don’t know how to post and answer to a question he/she asked in return. I’m new to this. Please guide me through the process.

    Thanks, YoungAtHeart

  13. Paulina Reply:

    I know there is diabetic chocolate but people with kidney problems have a low potassium diet. My wife really misses her chocolate!!!

  14. J. P Reply:

    I am on a low potassium diet.

  15. Erin Lavia Reply:

    I need to know what to keep in mind in serving or making a low potassium meal or diet. tnx

  16. Elliedoll Reply:

    I am going to have to be on a low potassium diet, due to some medication.

  17. Pedobear Reply:

    My father in law has renial kidney failure and is on dialasis, I need some reciepes for no or low potassium diet.

  18. Sriman Reply:

    My iron is a bit low, but I just started a medication that requires a low-potassium diet. Many of the foods I used to eat for iron are now off limits!

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