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What Muscles do Sit UPS Work

You may have such questions as What Muscles Do Push UPS Work and What Muscles Do Pull UPS Work,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Muscles Do Push UPS Target. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Muscles Used for Sit UPS,too. Read more as following:

Just doing the regular old sit up will only work your abdominal muscles and nothing else. Most people have several different exercises they use in which they do other exercised that work other muscles of the body.

What Muscles do Push UPS Work?

It takes several muscles to hold the body in the blank position. It mostly works the pectoralis muscles and the triceps. The more you practice the more you can do.... More »

What muscles do pull- ups work?

Mainly back and bicep. Or specifically the sternal portion of the pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, teres major, posterior deltoid, the rhomboids, the middle and lower portions of the trapezius, and the elbow flexors. It also depends on if you're d... More »

What Muscles do Push UPS Target?

Push ups target a number of different muscle groups making them an effective exercise. They target your biceps, triceps, and also your chest.... More »

What muscles do chin ups work?

Biceps.... More »

What muscles does running work on?

Running involves the lower body (the ankles, knees, and hips). Specifically, runnin...... More »

What Muscles do Squats Work?

Squats are a good exercise to do for many different sports. They help you to get faster and to be able to jump higher. They specifically work your hamstring and thighs.... More »


  1. Dawna Cherry Reply:

    one of the trainers at the gym i go to said your supposed to flex your stomach muscles when doing sit ups like harden them. and my p.e. teacher said your suppose to suck them in. which is really the proper way?

  2. Memo Reply:

    I heard that if you have belly fat and do sit ups the muscle just builds up under the fat..if that’s true then what are the steps needed to take to loose belly fat AND get a toned stomach?

  3. Ferret Face Reply:

    I’m a 17 year old dude, and i’m skinny as hell, about 133 pounds. I’ve been trying to gain muscles by doing sit ups and push ups, on average how long will it take me to get a six pack?

  4. Mystacall Reply:

    I want to tone my tummy area but when i do sit ups my thighs tense too. I really dont want to add any muscle to my thighs (quads?) because they’re already bigger than i want them and i have thin legs but thick thighs because of the muscle (i did gymnastics when i younger which built up the muscle)

  5. Mikee Reply:

    I tried doing sit-ups for 15 minutes a day for about two weeks, but my neck started aching terribly and the pain spread to my head, so I stopped. Are there any other alternatives?
    Aside from buying machines or paying for a gym and the like…

  6. Terriann Reply:

    All exercises I do for my stomach muscles (such as sit ups) end up toning the top of my stomach but not the lower abdomen bit.. Does anyone know any exercises I can do??

  7. Abinaya Reply:

    one of the trainers at the gym i go to said your supposed to flex your stomach muscles when doing sit ups like harden them. and my p.e. teacher said your suppose to suck them in. which is really the proper way?

  8. Sasha Reply:

    I always have to stop doing sit ups and other ab exercises because my back and neck muscles start to hurt too much. I have a naturally arched back so it doesn’t lay flat on the floor. I’m not sure if that affects anything.

  9. Assistant Girl Reply:

    15 years old 125 lbs high Matabilism, if I work out every day with push ups, sit ups, and chin up/ pull ups with I improve a lot and gain muscle? Also how many pushups ,sit ups, chin up/ pull ups should I do and how many sets? Thanks.

  10. Black Wolf Reply:

    Pulled a stomach muscle on Tuesday and still hurts, forgot to stretch which I should’ve done and I pulled this muscle doing sit up on a slanted board. How long before it stops hurting anything to make the muscle pain go quicker?

  11. Eric B Reply:

    I’m not strong enough to do full sit ups… What are a couple of lighter exercises to make whatever muscles are used in sit ups stronger?

  12. Brian Reply:

    I really need to tone up my tummy but not sure what will work best? I go to the gym but dont always feel it works my tummy muscles? Sit ups can sometimes hurt my back. Any ideas?

  13. Zombiedebutante Reply:

    I’m a vegetarian so I don’t get as much protein as other people do so I might have to do a lot more to gain muscle. How many sit ups or push ups or any other kinds of exercises that will help me gain muscle should I do per day or per week to help me gain muscle at a healthy pace?

  14. Laminisa Reply:

    i need to know the full list of muscles involved in sit ups.

    I’m researching this for a friend.

    don’t recommend another exercise.

    all help is appreciated.

  15. Kgo. Reply:

    What muscles do sit ups adm push up develope and will it make you loose weigh? Trying to loose weight any help?

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