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Why do People Gain Weight When They Stop Smoking

You may have such questions as Why Do People Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking and What Causes Weight Gain,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Do You Gain Weight When You Begin to Exercise. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Weight Gain after Quitting Smoking,too. Read more as following:

Not all people gain weight when they stop smoking. For the people who do gain weight it’s because when they stop smoking they tend to start eating to take the place of the cigarettes and the weight gain starts. They get rid of one habit only to start another.

Why Do People Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking?

Most people experience a small amount of weight gain when they quit smoking. This is due to metabolic changes our bodies go through when we quit. A gain of 5 ... Read More... More »

What Causes Weight Gain?

Weight gain can be caused my many things. You can be eating too much or have a big change in your diet. Also it can be caused my medications as well.... More »

Why do You Gain Weight When You Begin to Exercise?

you gain weight when you begin to exercise you are building lean muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you will then begin to gain weight and then it will level off and you will start to lose weight.... More »

How to stop smoking weight gain?

1. Know that weight gain from quitting smoking is not automatic. You will not gain weight simply because you stopped smoking. When people gain weight after they quit it is because they pick up alternate habits, such as increased snacking or eating. Y... More »

i Need to Gain Weight What Foods Do I Need to Eat?

To gain weight your body needs more calories in a day than what it uses. While eating fast food, sweets, biscuits and crisps can make you gain weight, what you will also be gaining is body fat. To gain weight healthily, you need to make sure that you are eating foods that are high in protein and contain certain amounts of carbohydrates and fat. Look here for...... More »

How to Gain Weight for Women?

Women who want to gain weight will need to increase calories considerably. Adding more fat to your diet and larger portions will add weight but you do not want to add unhealthy amounts of weight to your body.... More »


  1. Selina Reply:

    I quit smoking almost 3 months ago, I am gaining weight and have been going to the bathroom alot less. I am trying to eat a lot of fiber, prune juice, less carbs, green tee, alot of water and not eating after 7pm. Why am I still gaining weight? How do I stop it? Please help!

  2. Jackson Reply:

    I’m trying to stop smoking as much weed. I’m bored of it but most importantly it’s because I’ve lost some of the baby fat on my face and a lot of weight and I think it’s because I smoke weed. If I stop smoking, how long would it take for me to gain back that weight?

  3. Alexis Busch Reply:

    i just started working out like running…and i know if i stop smoking my endurance will go up – but ive heard that you gain weight when you quit smoking is this true?

  4. Brea Reply:

    I am going to stop smoking, that is not a problem, but I don’t want to gain alot of weight, I am excercising, but I want to not gain alot of weight, is there a vitamin, or something that someone has done while they have stopped smoking to not gain weight? Thanks!

  5. Cate Kelly Reply:

    I am 5’11 and super skinny and want to gain some weight. Also I drink too much coke and want to stop? I don’t wanna gain weight by eating junk food? I wanna gain size by increasing muscles but I am barely excersice because I can’t since I drink too much coke.

  6. Brittany W Reply:

    I don’t smoke, nor tend to start, but I was in a college discussion, smokers gain weight when they stop a fellow classmate stated, why?? Do they lose weight when they start??

  7. Wessbro Reply:

    I will not eat more than I usually do when I quit smoking. But I know my body will no longer spend calories to detoxify itself from the cigarettes – so I might gain weight. (right?)

    How can I stop it?

  8. Ali Reply:

    AND the risk for adult onset diabetes is raised?
    What happens to the hormones after one stops smoking? Everyone I know that has stopped smoking GAINS weight, and this even occurs when the caloric intake is exactly the same.
    Note: I do not smoke at all, I was just curious about this phenomenon.

  9. Rebecca Perez Reply:

    I know stopping smoking makes you gain weight but I’m not sure if the reverse is true.

  10. Katy Reply:

    I would prefer to not use anything like the gum or patch. Is there anyway to stop without gaining weight?

  11. Ssorek2 Reply:

    I don’t want to gain extra weight & want to exercise. Although I realize that when one stops smoking, they tend to consume more food. I am sure there are measures to take that will curb this habit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Soinlove<3 Reply:

    i am a former morphine addict, i stopped using 6 months ago and i started to gain weight. and about 1 week ago i stopped smoking cigarrets and the weight gain has got worse. what can i do about it?

  13. Katy Reply:

    It’s really hard for me to gain weight and im quitting smoking so its going to help me gain. I was wondering how long after you stop smoking do you start to gain weight. Im one of the few that looks forward to the weight gain lol. Thanks in advance.

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