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Why do You Eat Yogurt while Taking Antibiotics

You may have such questions as Can I Drink Alcohol When Taking an Antibiotic and Is It OK to Drink Alcohol While Taking Antibiotics,or you may also seek several helpful information about Can I Drink Wine While Taking Antibiotics. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Eating Dairy While Taking Antibiotics,too. Read more as following:

The reason some people eat yogurt while taking antibiotics is because the yogurt helps to fight yeast infections that antibiotics can sometimes cause.

Can I Drink Alcohol When Taking An Antibiotic?

The effects of combining antibiotics and alcohol can vary, depending on the specific antibiotic. Alcohol doesn't diminsh the effectiveness of most antibiotics. However, antibiotics and alcohol can cause similar side effects, such as upset stomach, di... More »

Is it ok to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?

The effect of combining antibiotics and alcohol depends on the antibiotic. They c...... More »

What Foods Should I Not Eat When Pregnant?

When you are pregnant there are certain foods you should avoid. These foods to avoid include: raw meats, raw eggs, seafood, soft cheeses, alcohol and liver.... More »

Can pregnant women eat yogurt?

Yes, its actually encouraged to prevent yeast infections. Eat 1 container a day. Source(s): 29 weeks pregnant and asked the very same question to my doctor... More »

How does Alcohol Affect Antibiotics?

Alcohol can and will lower the effectiveness of the antibiotic. The medication can also just not work at all, and the combination can make you sick.... More »


  1. Kledbetter99 Reply:

    Besides probiotic supplementation, what other natural supplements/treatments would be useful to take to prevent acid, irritations and yeast overgrowth without nullifying the effect of the medications?

  2. Kittycat9999 Reply:

    No Conditions. No silly Rules. It’s a simple question, right?

  3. Answermenowangryface:) Reply:

    I am about to start taking Flagyl for a vaginal infection. From what I understand, this medicine causes yeast infections. Will eating yogurt prevent me getting a yeast infection and how much yogurt should I consume to prevent one?

  4. Talyn D. Reply:

    I just got some strong antibiotics for a really bad throat infection and the pharmacist told me that these antibiotics have the tendency of causing a yeast infection once the pills are done. I’m just wondering if there is a way to help prevent it from happening?

  5. Gargar Reply:

    I have to take antibiotics, and steroids for 2 months for a sinus infection. I already have a yeast infection and have taken the medicine. It seems to be coming back, I am wondering what I can do to avoid this.

  6. Kalaichelvan Reply:

    Obviously, I could avoid eating street food but if I want to enjoy local food that isn’t McDonalds I would like to. I once heard that eating yogurt while traveling can help with stomach maladies.

  7. Lily The Flower Reply:

    So I have a UTI and I have read that you should also eat yogurt when taking these antibiotics.

    Is it okay to have flavored yogurt or does it have to be regular?
    Would I take it (the medication) at the same time as I eat the yogurt?

  8. Emma – Lee Reply:

    I am so prone to yeast infections! Every time I take antibiotics, I get one. I have heard of some vitamins or natural remedies for preventing them, any ideas?
    Also, does eating yogurt (probiotic) while taking antibiotics help?

  9. Curious Reply:

    I am taking metronidazole, and I found out that antibiotics will also kill the good bacteria in your body. I’m taking this to treat my bacterial vaginosis. I’m only taking the antibiotic for a week and twice a day, but should I still eat yogurt?

  10. Xxsnakegirlxx Reply:

    I am taking antibiotics but my stomach has been nautious every since I started. I do eat before I take them but I feel a feeling of indigestion since I started taking them. I’ve heard that eating yogurt may rectify this. Will it?

  11. Snowbunny Reply:

    I have read that eating the good (probiotic) cultures in yogurt while taking antibiotics add back some of the the good bacteria that antibiotics kill while fighting your infection.

    How much yogurt should one eat per day for this to be effective?

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