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Why is too Much Salt Bad for You

You may have such questions as Is Eating to Much Salt Bad for You and What Are the Effects of Too Much Salt in the Diet,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Happens If You Eat Too Much Salt. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Symptoms of Too Much Salt,too. Read more as following:

Too much salt, and by that we mean anything over the RDA of no more than 2400 mg. Most of us eat closer to 5,000 mg of sodium. This much sodium can cause kidney stones, edema (that’s swelling), heart disease and high blood pressure. If you do tend to eat a lot of salt, try to cut back and remember to drink water.

Is eating too much salt bad for you?

Answer "Is eating too much salt bad for you?" First of all this question is way too vague. If the question was asked "Is eating too much salt bad for the average healthy person?" it would be much better. Certainly patients with a history of renal dis... More »

What are the effects of too much salt in the diet?

Hyperactivity could be the result and this can lead to blood pressure problems if not now when you get older. If you think you are 20g you probably are even more, because food manufacturers put salt in many products that require baking, cooking and p... More »

What happens if you eat too much salt?

Although it is difficult to impossible to eat too much salt, unless you have other health problems, excess dietary salt is secreted from the kidneys into the urine.... More »

Why is Salt Bad for You?

Salt is bad because too much intake can cause a number of medical conditions. Some say salt holds water in the body, it causes high blood pressure and leads to heart disease. Salt makes food taste good but it is not good for you.... More »

Why is salt bad for your health?

it causes you to retain water. so this can cause bloating and problems of intestinal and gastric nature. its also not good for your blood pressure either but if yours is low then you shouldnt really be too concerned with that. mainly it causes fluid... More »


  1. Mayda B Reply:

    I like to eat the pepper from salt and pepper when its on my pasta but i put a fair amount on and I know too much salt is bad for you… is too much pepper bad though?

  2. Doug Reply:

    I am going on a (loved-one enforced) diet that is virtually removing salt. I was wondering if too much salt is bad, or how much salt is bad for yu and why.

  3. Hushed Sound Reply:

    Salt is bad for you but I’m wondering if there is a scientific reason for adding salt when making bread.

  4. Zoe James Reply:

    I have some aquarium salt…
    Do I just put it in a cup and submerge the cup and let it sit in my tank? I saw a pet store with something in their tanks in a clear cup… Thought it was probably their salt.

    Also, I have a few live plants in my tank – are the salts bad for my plants?

  5. Amanda Huang Reply:

    is too much salt bad for you, and why?

  6. Charly! Reply:

    My mom says it is, but isn’t garlic Salt bad for you…? Therefore making the asparagus bad..?

  7. Sanu Reply:

    with your experience.. is using kosher salt bad.. is sea salt better? will the kosher salt still help to heal my industrial piercing better?
    industrial piercing faster***

  8. Xxa0exx Reply:

    Is this salt bad for us? Eating this fish dramitically raised my Vit.D levels within months, which the pills couldnt do in a long time. Secondly will eating this fish almost 5 days a week have negative effects on our healths?

  9. Mallory Reply:

    Also why is salt bad for your heart?

    Also is it ok to deep fry food every day if the fat I use is grape-seed oil or peanut oil? (Low in sats high in mono/poly)

  10. Marjorie Sauer Reply:

    I am wondering if too much salt is bad for health, everyone know that, then why is it still used in excess in frozen and fast-foods? Surely, the companies selling the food know this, they would use less salt if they could. The question is, why can’t they or why don’t they?

  11. Gibson Reply:

    Im in my first trimester and ive been wanting really salty food constantly! Bacon, Top Ramen, nachos, Chinese food… Is all that salt bad for my baby?
    Thank you Lisa!

  12. Xxrawrxx Reply:

    well i noe that sugar stores as fat in the body, how about salt? why is salt bad for you when you are trying to lose weight?

  13. Lou Lou Reply:

    I know people recommend sea salt, but what’s the difference. Is table salt bad for a new piercing?

  14. Anabel Pug Reply:

    Ive got a new found love for the food ‘Salt & Pepper squid’ but ive heard consuming it too much is bad for you, because of the salt levels. Why is too much salt bad for you?

  15. Kalaichelvan Reply:

    I like sea salt the best and have heard table salt is bad. Do we really need idion in salt? Is sea salt the best to use?

  16. Vibes Reply:

    I like sea salt the best and have heard table salt is bad. Do we really need idion in salt? Is sea salt the best to use?

  17. Hamza Reply:

    Hello my questions are : Is salt bad for health if it is what does it cause? And second and more important I have heard that it is good to eat a little salt and is bad if you do not eat salt at all or eat too much.So how much salt is good?

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